Zim icon Zim
Zim portrait
Zim idle
Author Name WlanmaniaX
Origin Invader Zim
Graphics Origin custom
AI? yes
Date of first public release July, 2017
Mugen Version winMUGEN

Arguably WlanmaniaX's finest work, Zim uses sprites from the Nintendo DS version of Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots, while its moveset consists mainly of projectiles and laser-based attacks. The voices of this character were originally barely audible, but was fixed in an update. The character's sprites are edited sprites from the DS version of Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots, whereas the GIR sprites are original. It also summons GIR and Mini-Moose to attack any players. The old version had overpowered hypers and a Plunger of Doom special, but in the new version, WlanmaniaX removed the Plunger of Doom and changed the Hypers, as well as removing the Shun-Goku Satsu.

Even still, the character does have some flaws. Its Scream of Doom can be a bit difficult to dodge, since it could come out of nowhere. Also, the Power levels for the hypers are messed up. It has a special intro against WlanmaniaX's Dib and itself.

In 2017, Zim was remade, now using custom sprites.


Invader Zim is an incompetent Irken invader, who is overzealous, impulsive, megalomaniac and convinced of his own greatness. He dreams of regaining his leaders' trust by taking part in Operation Impending Doom II, so Zim is assigned to Earth, a planet which the Almighty Tallest believe has little to no chance of existing.


Zim has a six button layout and recently has better custom-styled sprites.


Zim shooting laser
Shooting Lasers
Command QCFPY
Description Two legs emerge out of Zim's pak and fires a laser, which electrocutes the opponent.
Air gun
Plasma Pistol
Command QCFPX
Description Zim takes out a laser gun, which fires a plasma beam.
Device array
Device Array
Command DD/PX
Description Zim's pak opens up to launch an explosive device.
Zim wrench
Wrench Throw
Command QCBKA
Description Much like in the Nicktoons video game Freeze Frame Frenzy, Zim throws a wrench.
Zim germ spray
Germ Spray
Command QCBKA/KB
Description Zim takes out some germ spray and uses it, making the opponent dizzy.
Zim glove (2)
Electric Glove
Command QCBPZ
Description Zim presses a button on his glove and shoots out a spark of electricity.
Zim plunger
Plunger of Doom
Command QCBKB
Description Like in the Nicktoons video game Globs of Doom, Zim uses his Plunger of Doom to shoot a beam, making the opponent dizzy.


Zim irk pak up
Irk Pak Laser
Description Four legs emerge out of Zim's pak and fires a large beam.
Irken elite
Irken Elite
Description Zim dons an elite outfit and whacks the opponent with a weapon resembling an axe. If it succesfully hits, he uses said weapon to shoot lasers.
Duty mode gir
Duty Mode GIR
Description GIR takes off his disguise and activates his duty mode, and then fires off missles and laser beams.
Santa zim
Santa Zim
Description Zim dons his Santa disguise and calls in one of his robot elves, which fires off laser beams.
Command QCFQCFFile:S.gif
Description Zim runs offscreen and arrives back inside his Megadoomer, which ends up exploding.


Zim calls
Command DDPY
Description Gir fires a cupcake out of his head.
Zim calls
Command DDPZ
Description Gir runs over to the opponent and hugs them.
Zim calls
Command DD/KA
Description One of Zim's robot gnomes arrives on screen and fires off a short laser beam.
Zim calls
Command DDKB
Description Zim calls in his robot mother, who pokes the opponent.
Zim calls
Command DDKC
Description Zim calls in his robot father, who grabs the opponent.