Warnerwariosmall Wario
Portrait from one of more recent versions by Warner
Type Spriteswap (first release)
Author Name Warner
Updated By @ndroide
Also converted by Barrysun
Edit base Eli by XCB
Origin Mario series
Graphics Origin Original
AI? AI patches available
Date of first public release 2002
Version October 6th 2014
Mugen Version dosMUGEN (first release)

Wario is one of earliest known characters sprited by Salvadorian spriter Warner, representing the Nintendo character. The first release of the character generated a bit of infamy for being an unauthorized spriteswap of XCB's Eli King character, being indentical gameplay-wise aside of collision boxes adjusted to accomodate the new sprites, even having an oversight of the Eli "TOO EASY" winpose voiceclip being left unreplaced. Few years after the character would be picked up and updated by @ndroide which made several adjustments in an attempt to diverge the character from the Eli base.


Wario initially appeared in Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins in which he took over Mario's castle. After he was beaten by Mario, he embarked on several other quests in order to win himself a new castle.

Wario is also the founder of his own game company, as shown in the WarioWare series. He has also made various appearances in many spinoff Mario games, often alongside his "brother", Waluigi.


Wario has a four button layout and behaves similar to a King of Fighters character. While the old version didn't have much to say for itself, being a spriteswap of Eli, the more recent versions of Wario are rather combo heavy. He has a medium-small movepool, but most attacks can be chained into each other.


Custom Combo
Command QCFPX/PY
Description Wario swings his fists at the opponent. In a similar fashion to Iori Yagami and Fei Long, this attack can be repeated up to three times, in which Wario hits the opponent in a different fashion each time.
Description Contorting his legs into springs, Wario leaps up for an anti-air attack. QCFPX/PY will cause Wario to belly flop if inputted during the move's end.
Command QCBPX/PY
Description Wario dons a crocodile hat and shoots a fireball from his mouth.
Wario Punch
Command QCBKA/KB
Description Wario flies forward, delivering a grand punch.


Wario Combo Punch
Description Wario dashes forward with a grand punch, like Wario Punch. However, if the punch connects, Wario unleashes a lengthy combo.
Description A more powerful version of Croc, Wario shoots multiple fireballs from his mouth.

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