VenomXCBIcon Venom
Portrait of Big Eli King's version, being scanned from Venom's "versus" portrait in the first game.
Type Conversion
Author Name XCB
Also converted by Juan Carlos, Sludge, Kong, Bask, Unkoman, Carnficina, T.O.P.S.
Origin Spiderman/Marvel vs. Capcom
Gameplay Origin Marvel vs. Capcom/Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Graphics Origin Marvel vs. Capcom/Marvel vs. Capcom 2
AI? Patch exists, but it is offline.
Date of first public release December 2002
Version 1.0
Mugen Version 2001.04.14

Venom is a villain and sometimes anti-hero of the Spiderman comics. He is also notable for appearing in the Marvel vs. Capcom series, but only in the first and second installments. He was made by Big Eli King in late 2002, being based off said appearances in the Marvel vs. Capcom series.


This character was released in December of 2002. He was Big Eli King's second character from the Marvel vs. Capcom series (the first being Rogue).


(Taken from the readme)

Eddie Brock was a reporter who did a series of interviews with the vigilante known as the Sin Eater, during which he, under pressure from the authorities, revealed the name of the Sin-Eater himself. Unfortunately, Eddie didn't check his sources carefully enough to find out his pal was a wacko who thought he was the Sin-Eater, not the wacko who *was* the Sin-Eater. This mistake got him fired for sloppy journalism. Since Spider-Man was the one who uncovered the identity of the real Sin-Eater, Brock blamed the web-slinger for his journalistic disgrace. Forced to write for sleaze magazines because no respectable publication would touch him, Eddie soon found himself in church contemplating suicide when the symbiont, weakened from a recent battle with Spider-Man (The conclusion of the 'Black Spider-Man' series...) and attracted by the force of Brock's despair, found him. When they bonded, the symbiont became overwhelmed by Eddie's dislike for its former host, and taught Eddie all of Peter Parker's secrets. The bonding didn't seem to improve the emotional stability of either the symbiont or Eddie...

With their new form, Brock and the symbiont righteously deny the further existence of "Eddie Brock" and constantly proclaim "We are Venom!". As Venom, Eddie can do just about anything Spider-Man can beside posses extreme agility. However, Venom has tricks up their sleeve that even Spidey can't match up with. First of all, his symbiont is ultra protective. It acts as a sort of armor, making potentially fatal blows "not-n butta thang" for Eddie. Second, because the symbiont is sentient, it will assist Eddie in areas that he forgets to attend to when in a dangerous situation. For example, if Eddie gets floored or falls from a ledge, it would break his fall for him. Thirdly, the symbiont can form harmful objects and extend them from Venom's body. In addition to this, they can move undetected through shadows and thusly surprise his enemies. Last but not least, the symbiont multiplies Eddies strength. All of these powers combined make Venom a very tough cookie to slay.

Eddie shows that he aims for justice just like other super heroes: He occasionally performs a deed or two for innocent. However, when performing these deeds, the symbiont gets the best of Brock. Venom usually kills every wrongdoer they run into. The symbiont in and of itself is emotionally disturbed in some way. Ever since Spider-Man decided to ditch it, it has been evident that it would transfer these perturbed feelings into its host, making it evil and just plain cranky. To make matters worse, the longer the symbiont stays with a host, the harder it is to separate the two. This means that Brock could soon be Venom indefinitely. If and when the symbiont takes full control of his consciousness, all those ideas for the greater good will be expelled from Venom's objectives and he will revert into a plain ol' baddie.

During the years following his bond with the symbiont, Brock would either hunt Spider-Man down like a dog or get his attention by committing crimes: using every which way to try to extract that revenge he so indignantly desired. However, since Venom proved unsuccessful in all of their attempts, their payback remains unpaid to this day.


For the most part, Venom is a source accurate conversion from the Marvel vs. Capcom series, harboring all of the Specials from the source.

In the .def file, Venom's comboing can be altered to two styles: MvC, based off the first game, which chains any punch to kick, and MvC2, which chains from weak up to strong.

Another key feature is that Venom also includes its "Venom EX" mode from the first game, which comes in a separate .def file, as well as having a configurable mode switch. In this mode, Venom has altered Specials and combos. He is also very fast and mobile, but takes twice the damage.

As per a character from the Marvel vs. Capcom games, Venom is able to use areal raves, with standing MP (HP in EX mode) as his launcher; a big upwards slash. Venom has a Super Jump to back this up.

In terms of overall fighting style, Venom is rather unpredictable and has many tricks up his sleeves. Most of his Specials and Hypers give him control over the field, due to their great range.

Movelist (Big Eli King's version)

Venom Fang
Command QCF P
Description Venom turns into a giant head and jumps at the opponent. Distance is determined by the button pressed.
Venom Rush
Command QCF K
Description Venom summons some symbiote snakes that appear in a spot relative to what button was pressed.
Web Throw
Command HCB P
Description Venom fires a rope of web at an angle determined by the button pressed. If it connects, He brutally slams the opponent on the ground multiple times. Mash P for more hits. Also the only Special available in both modes.
Venom Lunge
Command QCF P
Description Venom turns his hands into a mouth that takes a bite out of the opponent. Mash P for more hits. Uses same animation as Normal Mode's HP and is exclusive to EX Mode.
Symbiote Dive
Command QCF P (in air)
Description Venom dives at the opponent with his hand covered in symbiote snakes. Uses same animation as Normal Mode's airborne HP and is exclusive to EX Mode.
Venom Bite
Command QCF K
Description A variant of Venom Rush with less range. Mash K for more hits. Uses same animation as Normal Mode's HK and is exclusive to EX Mode.

Hyper Combos

Venom Web
Command QCF PPlus P
Prerequisites At least 1 power stock.
Description Venom jumps into the middle of the screen and fires a screen covering web. If it connects, He dashes towards the trapped opponent and ruthlessly launches a 12 hit assault.
Death Bite
Command QCF K Plus K
Prerequisites At least 1 power stock.
Description A more powerful version of Venom Rush that has the symbiote snakes travel across the screen.
Mode Switch
Command B D DB K
Prerequisites At least 1 power stock.
Description Venom taunts the opponent, switching to EX Mode, If done in EX mode, he switches back to his normal mode

Other notable versions

  • Venom has been converted many times, but Big Eli King's version is regarded as the best. Other versions include:
    • The first version by Carnificina, released in 2000. It had improperly ripped sprites, giving it choppy animations and inconsistent palettes, as well as garbled sound effects (Mega Man's voice can be heard if "Venom Web" connects)
    • A version by the deceased Juan Carlos, which was updated by Scruffydragon member Magus.
    • A version made by Sludge for Infinity Mugen Team's MvC: EoH game.
    • Another IMT version by Kong, with predictable results.
    • A P.O.T.S styled version by Bask
    • An obscure version by Unkoman, which is initially A.I only, unless given minor edits in a .txt file.
  • There is also a custom version by T.O.P.S, which is based off the 90s cartoon and has a new moveset, only retaining Web Throw. He also has a super cheap A.I.


  • Venom received December 2002's Character of the Month award at ShinMugen, and a Fighter of the Week award at MugenGuild.