Real name Victor[1]
Aliases vans1belmont

Date of Birth April 2nd
Years active 2006(?)-
Status active
Website Trinity MUGEN
Origin Mexico
Influenced Koopakoot,Websta,The_None,K.O.D.

Vans is an acclaimed Mugen creator that specializes in conversions from various SNK games. His KOF conversions are regarded as some of the most accurate since the days of Sander71113. He has also pioneered a custom cornerpush system that addresses a number of design flaws of Elecbyte's own system that has been used by a number of other creators since.[2]. He's also one of the current owners of Trinity MUGEN website and a former administrator of The Mugen Fighters Guild forums.

Characters by Vans Edit

Addons by Vans Edit

References Edit

  1. My name's Victor, but I prefer to be called Vans.
    —Vans, About page of his research blog
  2. Cornerpush and you - An introduction - Vans's research blog

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