Umktshangsmall UMKT Shang Tsung
Type Custom conversion
Author Name MelvanaInChains and The_None
Origin Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy
AI? yes
Date of first public release July 3rd, 2011
Mugen Version winmugen, and 1.0 def files included

Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy Shang Tsung is a really off-kilter custom intrepretation of Shang Tsung that comes with a really bizarre moveset with preset transformations rather than relying on being able to morph between multiple characters (altho he is able to morph into a boss character from Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero). His name was supposed to imply an attempt to capture the magic of the Ultimate Mortal Kombat Trilogy genesis romhack.

The character started out as a MelvanaInChains creation until it became a collaboration with The_None, first released on July 3rd of 2011. While initially popular enough to win a Mugen Fighters Guild Character of the Month of July this year, in hindsight he's one of the more divisive creations to the point of being disowned by the creators despite how much fun they had developing it, stemming from a number of balance issues and questionable design decisions to the point the character may be best treated as a rather hard boss character.


Rather than an usual MKI incarnation that relies on multiple possible morphs between characters with his own moveset being really limited to just teleports and fireballs, this incarnation of Shang is a more realized character with a relatively versatile moveset that sometimes involve morphing. He's also able to actually morph into Firegod (ocasionally dubbed Fireboy) from Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero, with his own moveset and projectile invincibility (that only made in his own game with the player being Sub-Zero but not much there). But even in his own form he is a rather powerful character with wiring side kicks and anti-air attacks that come out really fast, ability to set up traps and perform unblockable full-screen attacks.

With all of the power he has, UMKT Shang Tsung is a rather simple character to play: Keep doing Goro kicks and do the full screen move if the opponent misses a tech. Once you have meter become Little Johnny T and show your opponent's a terror beyond hell.


Special Moves

Command BBFPlusP
Properties Projectile, depends on the result
Description Shang Tsung casts a projectile, two in the case of the PY version. It usually comes in the form of Fire Skulls, but it get other forms, such as:
  • A Lost Soul, which is a bit more powerful and knocks the opponent down
  • A Duck, which is slightly weaker and flies slightly upwards
  • A KanoCoke Can
  • Johnny Cage doing his Shadow Kick
  • Scorpion's Spear, which has Shang pull the opponent back to him on hit
  • Raiden doing his Torpedo
  • A Big Crowbar, which on hit puts opponents into Wallbounce state
Doozy Fireball
Command BBFPlusPXPlusPY
Properties Projectile, depends on the result
Description Shang Tsung casts one big projectile. It usually is a slow, big Fire Skull that wires opponents on hit but can take other forms as well, like:
  • Dantel, whose slide kick hits low
  • Hol Horse's namesake, which deals multiple hits as it goes on.
  • A Sentinel Force
  • Giant Christopher Eccleston which is on contact blows everyone up. (Only the actual contact deals damage)
Sorcerer Anti-Air
Command QCFPlusK
Properties Knockdown, Invincibility Frames
Notes Has an ocasional chance to morph into Balrog in this move.
Description A rather quick flight at an angle. Strength decides the distance travaled with no change to the damage.
Goro Shadow Kick
Command BFPlusK
Properties Wallbounce, Knockdown
Description A wiring slide kick that comes out really fast.
Asura Warp
Command FDDF(or BDDB)PlusPPlusK
Properties non-throw Evasion
Description Shang morphs into Akuma to phase his opponent either left or right.
Command QCBPlusP
Properties Trap, Knockdown
Description Shang Tsung places a large poster of G. Russell Reynolds as Calypso from the PlayStation 3 Twisted Metal installment that is invisible until the opponent would go in contact with it. It stays on for 11 seconds until getting removed, with a Wolfenstein 3D MEIN LIEBEN sample to indicate that. It also gets rid of projectiles, too.
Singularity Fuckup
Command FBPlusPXPlusPY
Properties Fullscreen attack, Unblockable
Description A rather infamous move that has Shang Tsung charge up some energy to unload it into an unblockable fullscreen blast. While it does take a while to charge up, his AI is rather good at using the move in opportunities when the opponent wouldn't be able to interupt the attack before the blast.
Alpha Escape
Command While guarding, PYPlusKB
Prerequisites At least half of a power stock
Properties Projectile, depends on the result
Description A guard cancel counter attack, it has Shang Tsung teleport behind his opponent with Hol Horse appearing in his old place.

Super and Finishing Moves

Command QCFQCFPlusP
Prerequisites At least one power stock
Properties Knockdown
Description Shang morphs into Johnny Cage and punches the opponent's crotch many times, finished with a wiring kick.
Spamming Fireballs Like A Fuckwit
Command QCBHCFPlusP
Prerequisites At least one power stock
Properties Projectiles
Description Shang Tsung casts many projectiles (with similar randomization rules as before) in a quick succesion.
Fireboy's Revenge
Command DDDPlusPXPlusPY
Prerequisites At least one power stock
Properties Transformation
Description Shang Tsung morphs into Firegod (see also the Firegod movelist below)
Apple Girl
Command QCFHCBPlusPXPlusPY
Prerequisites At least two power stocks
Properties Knockdown, Invincibility Frames
Description An anti-air attack that on hit allows Shang to indefinately juggle his opponent with Shmorky's Apple Girl character, using a reticule to aim and a punch button to juggle until the opponent hits the ground.
Sincerly Not Giving a Shit
Command DDDPlusKAPlusKB
Prerequisites At least three power stocks
Properties Throw, Knockdown
Description Shang Tsung grabs his opponent with a neck and blows up as the image of Fabio.
Trivia Inspired by a Youtube Poop
One ingredient for the TurBaconEpic
Command FDDFPlusPY
Prerequisites At least one power stock, opponent having less than 35% of life left, already winning a round
Properties Throw, Unblockable, Instant-Kill
Description Shang Tsung turns his opponent into a duck, ripe for roast.

Firegod Movelist

Special Moves

Command U
Properties Knockdown
Description Rather than regularly jumping, Firegod instead flies upwards (which can be steered mid-flight) and appears on the ground in a position also decided by the horizontal hold.
Shocking Teleport
Command DU
Properties Knockdown
Description An alternate teleport where Firegod first dissapears then reapears at the opponent's position, launching one on hit.
Straight Flame Thrower
Command QCFPlusP
Properties Projectile
Description Firegod casts a stream of flame in front of him, with the button strength deciding the duration of the stream.
Downdards Flame Thrower
Command QCFPlusK
Properties Projectile, hits low
Description A low angled version of the flame thrower.
Command BFPlusK
Properties projectile
Description A simple projectile attack.
Command FFPlusK
Properties Knockdown, overhead
Description Firegod trips himself.
Exit, pursued by a flaming bear
Command PYPlusKB
Properties Transformation
Description Shang Tsung exits himself out of the Fireboy phase.

Super and Finishing Moves

Command QCFQCFPlusP
Prerequisites At least one power stock
Properties Projectiles, Knockdown, Walbounce
Description An auto-combo that teleports bit further to the opponent with every attack, in addition to throwing projectiles, finished with a large portrait wiring the opponent.
Flames Rise
Command FBFU
Prerequisites At least one power stock
Properties Projectiles, knockdown (when they fly up), overhead
Description Firegod summons plenty of his clones from the ground to fly up and down onto the opponent's position.
Sonic Colors
Command QCBPlusPY
Prerequisites At least one power stock, opponent having less than 35% of life left, already winning a round
Properties Throw, Unblockable, Instant-Kill
Description Firegod takes his opponent and Doctor Dre with him and flies to the moon.
Trivia inspired by a Youtube poop by DanielRadcliffe777


  • The Arthur The Weatherman (of "Pretty Much Everywhere, It's Gonna be Hot" fame) monit that appears after Shang Tsung does a devastating combo is a nod to one of Melvana's Mortal Kombat 4 mods, which has that monit in the place of MAXIMUM DAMAGE message.

See Also

  • Jesse by The_None, another bizarre Mortal Kombat edit aimed to recapture the UMKT Magic