Circa 2010, the closest he ever got to reveal his face (albeit without eyes and mouth) as depicted in one of the winposes of his Giygas
Aliases Most_Mysterious, Adamlexus (see below)

Date of Birth September 15th
Years active 2003-today
Status active
Website Logical Bends
Origin Poland
Influences 3ha, Taruse, Splode, Big Eli King, IronMugen, Sander 71113, Tuki no Turugi, yuki, Vans
Influenced MelvanaInChains, DrKelexo, Quetzalcoatl88

The_None refers to a prolific M.U.G.E.N author known for usually thematically off-beat creations that are nonetheless acclaimed.[1][2]. He's also noted for the AI coding in his characters. He and Insanius co-host a site Logical Bends


Years active 2004-2005
Status retired
Website Junior Chillage's Fun Factory (defunct, archived here)

The_None discovered M.U.G.E.N in around 2002 after getting exposed to Dragon Ball Z M.U.G.E.N Edition 2. After browsing the western internet and noticing that there are more than just DragonBallZ characters converted for the engine, he started experimenting with character development. Most of the characters were never revealed as of yet with the exception of a character named after his real surname that later became Dee Bee Kaw and didn't join the community until around 2004 when as Most_Mysterious he created WIP topics of Dink Smallwood and Dooby Dummy at The Mugen Fighters Guild forums.

During this era his creations predominately featured MS-Paint graphics and a brand of style that sometimes involved shoving the Tiger Woods gag everywhere he could (started with his conversion of Alex whose Super KO effect consisted of a sudden closeup of the golfer wielding a warped Nike Smile). As he has yet to fully grasp proper fighting game design at the time, his characters tended to be criticized as overpowered. The Dee Bee Kaw that got later released (by the author now known as The_None) is a throwback to that era.

This era came into an end in April 2nd 2005. From then he became The_None. In this era he have made quite a jump in terms of his understanding of fighting game design and coding prowess, leading to creations with innovative features and acclaimed gameplay. His AI coding (already hard during Most_Mysterious era) has also improved, leading to AI that features some bit of randomization and is a rare example of an AI that is able to ignore doing attacks that would whiff on small/crouched opponents depending on the head.pos.y value of the opponent's coding. His penchant for bizzare cultural references remained tho', sometimes more tastefully than others. The_None had a rather ambivalent relationship with his old Most_Mysterious era, especially of his conversion of Alex[3], but nonetheless he did recently revisit the era by completing a character abandoned during the era as well as remaking one of his earliest released characters and re-releasing few of his old characters (including the one he remade just around a week and half ago) under the guise of an April Fools release.

Characters converted as Most_Mysterious

Characters converted as The_None

His Alter Ego, Adamlexus

Years active 2011-2013
Status unknown
Website Adamlexus page

In 2011 Vans was thinking about letting select few people to take his conversion of Iori and making a "bad" version of his. Few people joined and had different ideas, with The_None's take was to make the most broken and programming-wise inept creation he could ever imagine as if the makers of Big Rigs coded it. He released his contribution to the private contest as Adamlexus - a very thinly veiled reference to an infamous creator Alexlexus - posing as an Albanian.

Contrasting work as The_None in which he strives for quality, his work as Adamlexus goes into mostly opposite direction in which he does characters with loose sense of design (and in Nmori's case, coding), and thus they are purely joke characters. Nonetheless, even these creations have few clever The_None-esque coding tricks in them, such as Nostalgic Ballz's ability to utilize savestates.

Characters as Adamlexus:


  1. Character of the Month Hall of Fame thread at Mugen Fighters Guild forums, UMKT Shang Tsung, Shaq and Beavis being among The_None's creations that had won awards there.
  2. Character of the Month Hall of Fame thread at Mugen Infantry forums. Segalow won the November 2009 award.

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