Super Fighter
Developer(s) Super Fighter Team
Director(s) Brandon Cobb
Release date(s) 2013
Mugen version 1.0
Character count 11

Super Fighter Special Edition is a fighting game made with the M.U.G.E.N engine released in 2013 by Brandon Cobb's Super Fighter Team. It is an enhanced remake of a Taiwanese 1993 computer fighting game Super Fighter (released in Australian markets as Fatal Encounter) by Computer & Entertainment Inc. The game has the distinction of a MUGEN-powered remake developed with the involvement of the current copyright owner of the intellectual property. [1]

Robert Holmes served as a primary programmer for this project.

Story Edit

In a world struck by panic after a group of terrorists led by an omnicidal drug broker assassinated several top ranking goverment officials, a group of fighters challenge Red Man's gang into a fighting tournament, to which the leader agreed under his sense of overconfidence.

Gameplay Edit

The game retains a similar style and feel to the original Super Fighter, being a fighting game more focused on single precise strikes rather than combos. Enhancements to the original game include new attacks reconstructed out of the original game's development data as well as super moves.

The game includes a movelist menu accesible mid-game with pausing the game with a start button and pressing A

Characters Edit

References Edit

  1. - Abadonia Reloaded - An amazing story about a lost gem, and how it all began. - Tom Henrik

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