Cssuesmall Sue Sakamoto
Portrait taken from a credits image in Cave Story
Type Joke
Author Name The_None
Origin Cave Story, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas
AI? yes
Date of first public release April 1st, 2007 (As Rainbow Six Vegas Guy)
Version April 1st, 2008
Mugen Version winMUGEN

Sue Sakamoto is a prominent character hailing from the freeware indie Metroidvania game Cave Story. The mugen character loosely based on the Cave Story Mimiga is a second incarnation of a character previously known as Rainbow Six Vegas Guy which was released by The_None on the April Fools day of 2007, eventually turning into the current incarnation the following year.

Sue herself has less than half of average health and does not have any means to attack of her own until getting two power stocks, so most of her role relies on constantly evading the opponent's attacks while being escorted by Logan Keller, the named Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas Guy. The player controls both Sue and Keller, with the latter being the primary damage dealer. Keller can switch sides of the screen, shoot from his rifle that hits the entire not covered by his own wall, and throw the limited amount (up to 3 per round) of grenades that explode in an unblockable area of effect. Being a foreground kind of a character, Logan Keller himself cannot be hit, but will eventually give up in shame as soon as the opponent manages to kill Sue.

Sue's sole attack is a Level 2 Super that is done by holding start for at least a second and releasing it. It is a Raging-Demon type attack that involves Sue jumping at her opponent with Arthur's sword. On hit Sue presumably relentlessly beats up her opponent when the entire screen consists of a parody of the infamous Daikatana advertisement campaign.

Trivia Edit

  • The readme and the Daikatana mock ad mispells Sue's full name as Sue Kasamoto.
  • The readme also states that the character features "unblockable precise aiming" but this is not implemented in the character proper (and the move not being implemented is also mentioned on the same readme).

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