Slamdunksmall Slamdunk
Type Conversion
Author Name The_None
Origin Shadow Fighter
AI? yes
Date of first public release January 16th, 2012
Version 1.0
Mugen Version winMugen and 1.0 versions included

Slamdunk is a character that comes from the 1994 Amiga fighting game Shadow Fighter. He's been loosely converted by The_None in early 2012 alongside Faqir from the same game, both of which are jokingly reffered by the author as "Kazaam's parents".


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Command moves

Roundhouse Overhead
Command FPlusKA
Properties Overhead
Description To be added later
Basketball Spike
Command PYPlusKB
Properties Projectile
Description Slamdunk Tosses his basketball at the ground that would then bounce up. At close enough distance it can hit twice.

Special Moves

Jumping B-Ball
Command QCFPlusP
Properties Overhead, Projectile, Throw
Description Slamdunk jumps up and throws the ball at a downwards angle. At point-blank the move can also act as a blockable throw, with Slamdunk grabbing and slamming the opponent.
Spinning Fire Kick
Command DUPlusK
Properties Knockdown
Description Slamdunk's anti-air attack. The KA version comes quick and has him do the move in place, while KB travels some forward distance.
Speed Attack
Command BFPlusP
Properties Knockdown, Wallbounce, Projectile Invincibility
Description Slamdunk's dash attack that goes through projectiles and blocked opponents. The button strength dictates the travel distance.
Spinning B-Ball Fire
Command QCBPlusP
Properties Projectile, Knockdown (if comboed into)
Description Slamdunk's standard projectile attack. He recovers as soon as the projectile would leave the screen or connects.
Head Spring Kick
Command QCBPlusK
Properties Overhead
Description Slamdunk jumps up and does a drop kick at the opponent. The button strength determines the height of the jump. On hit it gives Slamdunk enough frame advantage to follow this move with another in a link.

Super Moves

Some of the special moves have their super equalivement that are named in the readme as EX-Moves, for the purpose of the article however both EX-Moves and the Super Move are chronicled in the same section.

Speed Spin
Command BFPlusPPlusP
Prerequisites 1 power stock
Properties Dizzies the opponent, overhead
Description Slamdunk's dashes at the opponent so fast it would make the opponent spin in place to feel dizzy, leaving Slamdunk free opportunity to follow up with a combo.
Crazy Spinning Fire Kick
Command DUPlusKPlusK
Prerequisites 1 power stock
Properties Knockdown
Description A more damaging variant of Spinning Fire Kick that has Slamdunk bounce all over the place.
Head Spring Fire
Command QCBPlusKPlusK
Prerequisites 1 power stock
Properties Overhead
Description A more damaging variant multi-hit variant of the Head Spring Kick.
Jumping Slam
Command QCBPlusPPlusP
Prerequisites 1 power stock
Properties Overhead, Knockdown, Throw
Description Slamdunk proceeds to slam his Basketball into a pillar of explosion. Much like the Jumping B-Ball, it can also grab the opponent.
Big Ass Basketball On A Scooter Drinking Capri Sun
Command QCBQCBPlusPPlusP
Prerequisites 2 power stocks
Properties Overhead, Knockdown, Projectile
Description Slamdunk summons a giant basketball to drop on the opponent's position for massive damage.

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