Skoumasmall Shadow Kouma
Type Joke Edit
Author Name The_None
Origin Melty Blood: Actress Again, other The_None characters
AI? yes
Date of first public release November 27th, 2009
Version 0.94 ( April 1st, 2011 )
Mugen Version winmugen

Shadow Kouma Kishima is a custom take on Melty Blood's Kouma Kishima, first released by The_None in November 27th 2009, being last updated in 2011 at the time of this article's revision. The character's central gimmick involves real-time randomized shapeshifting between a number of the author's own characters released at the time of his last update, making him rather unpredictable to fight and especially to control, altho the updated gave him a timed mode which retains Kouma's normal moves.


To be written later

As of his last update he randomly morphs into one of the characters:


Command QCFPlusP
Properties varies
Description Under stability stasis does Kouma's rekka series (repeatable three times), otherwise it transforms into one of possible moves:
  • A Kung Fu Palm
  • Omega Tiger Woods' Man Dies Jumping On His Head
  • Glacius's Icy Grip or Cold Shoulder, depending on the button used
Command QCBPlusP
Properties varies
Description What would be Kouma's grab command special would instead tranform into one of possible moves:
  • Segalow's SUCK-er Punch
  • Wolf's Cash
  • Possessed Heita's Falcon Punch
  • Ren Idagawa's Yaki Ire
  • Skullman's Nazi Counter
Command QCFPlusK
Properties varies
Description What would be Kouma's lower rekkas can also transform into one of possible moves:
  • Segalow's Matadoro Slip
  • Shaq's Inferno Kick
  • Glacius's Liquidize Punch
Command FDDFPlusK
Properties varies
Description In place of what would be Kouma's Knee anti-air, one of the possible moves would come out instead:
  • Skullman's Flash Kick
  • T-8P's Knee Kicks
  • Possessed Heita's Falcon Dive
  • Shaq's Kangaroo Kick
Command QCBPlusK
Properties varies
Description In place of Kouma's 22B move (a feint stomp followed with a dash) one of the following moves can happen:
  • A Heita Kick
  • Mr. Bear's Hurricane Kick
  • Noah's Special Kick
  • Skullman's Turbo Kicks
Dive Kick
Command mid-air, QCBPlusK
Properties varies
Description What would be place for Kouma's dive kick would instead be taken by:
  • Rage Rock's Helm Breaker
  • Possessed Heita's Falcon Kick
  • Mr. Bear's aerial Hurricane Kick
Command HCBPlusK
Properties varies
Description A space reserved for Kouma's anti-air grab as well as:
  • Wolf's Kangaroo Kick
  • Evil Kung Fu Man's Life Leech special
  • Segalow's Genocide Plasma Cutter

Super Moves

Stability Stasis
Command PZ
Prerequisites at least one power stock
Properties knockdown
Notes If used by a "normal" Kouma mode, that move gives him a timed "Shadow" mode instead
Description Kouma activates what at first glance looks like a Blood-heat that actually gives his original movelist for a period of time
Dokkaku: Zugaikyou
Command QCFPlusPXPlusPY
Prerequisites at least one power stock
Properties varies
Description A place for Kouma's Half-Moon EX Palm strike or one of randomly chosen supers:
  • Segalow's No Holds Barred Beatdown
  • Super Heita Super Otoko Knuckle
  • Glacius's Arctic Slam
  • Evil Kung Fu Man's Cheap Palms Of Doom
  • Skullman morphing into a giant transparent mallard duck
  • Noah's Ark
  • Shaq's Fast Food Rain
  • Omega Tiger Woods' Shrimp Bus
Dokkaku: Gusokuka
Command QCBPlusPXPlusPY
Prerequisites at least one power stock
Properties varies
Description Out of Stability Stasis, Kouma attacks his opponent with his own Super Portrait. Otherwise the move performs his command grab super
Dokkaku: Indaramou
Command QCFPlusKAPlusKB
Prerequisites at least one power stock
Properties varies
Description A JoJo-inspired tandem super which allows Kouma to do a custom combo based on the button pressess made during the super pause
Koushuu Enbu Daienjou
Command HCFPlusPXPlusPY
Prerequisites at least two power stocks
Properties varies
Description Kouma's massive grab/punch hybrid that behaves differently between modes. In shadow mode the superpause doesn't last long, giving the super a long windup time to compensate for the move being unblockable regardless of distance and dealing huge damage (thanks to the punch hitting opponents so hard they fly as far as to Osaka, where they would be juggled by Ralf Jones's Galactice Phantom). In 'normal' mode the superpause is long enough to make the move come out much quicker
Yama Hanketsu
Command a successful air parry
Prerequisites at least three power stocks
Properties varies
Description Kouma would do his Last Arc after parrying his opponent mid-air. Or not. He would then change into the following:
  • Clark Steel: throwing the opponent into the air
  • Rage Rock using his Raising Storm Desperation Move, but he gets interrupted by a Looney Tunes explosion (Be careful, the explosion can do damage to Shadow Kouma as well)
  • Akuma doing his infamous Ultra Combo 2 from Super Street Fighter IV, Demon Armageddon, complete with Taz spinning and speaking gibberish from Looney Tunes
  • Robert Garcia kicking the opponent complete with a guy saying, "Oh sh*t, it's Robert from King Of Fighters!"
  • Kouma doing an uppercut to the opponent that sends them to Miami

See Also

  • Skaxl Roa, DrKelexo's Melty Blood edit that may have been slightly influenced by Shadow Kouma even if the character doesn't neccersairly carry over the random transformation gimmick.