Segalowsmall Segalow
Ray Park as Rugal in the live-action King of Fighters movie as the portrait
Type Edit
Author Name The_None
Origin Original
Gameplay Origin Custom
Graphics Origin Capcom vs. SNK
AI? Yes
Date of first public release November 24th, 2009
Version 0.88, October 16th, 2011
Mugen Version Separate def files for WinMUGEN and 1.0

Segalow is a semi-original character conceived by The_None in late 2009. Made as a response to a notorious author known as EvilSlayerX5[1], the character is a custom Rugal Bernstein edit that is designed to diverge in moveset from the base character as much as the author could with the relatively creative use of the sprites. He can be distinguishable from the other variations on Rugal with edited sprites that present him as clean shaven and with both eyes healthy.

The author has experimented with a number of mechanics on this character such as floating during air combos, as well as a juggle system that in the first release enforced juggling with a different move to prevent single move loops. The innovations coupled with the general creativity in part of the movelist made Segalow one of The_None's more acclaimed characters. The coding tricks used for this character were later utilized in many of the author's future creations, some of them receiving further development (the aformentioned system would later evolve into an "every single move in themselves can only be juggled into once" system that started with Dee Bee Kaw).


Segalow is a powerful yet tricky rushdown character that has many tactical options at his disposal thanks to his movelist. He's got good mixups and a myriad of ways to get around and close the distance to the opponent. His movelist has to be utilized with care however, as some of his attacks can be very punishable and he has relatively low defense value.


Command Moves

Leap Shoulder Attack
Command FPlusPX
Properties Overhead
Description Segalow leaps forward and hits with his elbow. Goes over a number of crouching opponents.
Hop Low Kick
Command FPlusKA
Properties Hits Low
Description Segalow jumps a bit forward and kicks low upon landing.
Command P if running for long enough
Properties Hard Knockdown, Wallslam
Description A running punch that slams the opponent into the wall on hit.
"Could be even higher"
Command Mid-Air, UPlusKB
Properties Soft Knockdown
Description Segalow kicks high mid-air to launch the opponent upward slightly.
Crossup Huh
Command Mid-Air, BPlusKB
Properties Overhead
Description Segalow kicks whatever is behind his position with both of his legs, making it a crossup attack. The hitstun for this move is immense.

Special Moves

All of Segalow's special moves have EX variants which can be performed at the cost of half of a power stock, done with a command tweaked to include two button strengths.

Command QCFPlusK
Properties Counter, Deals No Damage (direct counter), Projectile (if the projectile is countered), Knockdown (projectile counter), Dizzy (EX only)
Description Segalow attempts to counter. Countering a physical attack will have Segalow swap sides with his opponent, giving him a quick period of time to strike back. Countering a projectile will spawn a speeding truck behind Segalow, running the opponent over.

The EX version of the move expands the counter area and on counter has Segalow cast a stunning lightning bolt onto the opponent, giving him more than enough time to retaliate with a devastating attack/combo.

Genocide Plasma Cutter
Command HCBPlusK
Properties Projectile, Hard Knockdown
Notes Can also be done mid-air
Description Segalow performs a variation of Rugal's Genocide Cutter attack that also launches a projectile (provided that Segalow doesn't hit the opponent with the rising part of the cutter) which controls a huge amount of space. KA rises in place, while KB moves forward and jumps higher. His recovery can be super cancelable.

The EX version launches the opponent even higher and has the projectile deal multiple hits, sucking in the opponent like a vortex.

SUCKer Punch
Command QCBPlusHOLD P
Properties Hard Knockdown, Wallslam
Description Segalow pulls the opponent in like a vacuum while the punch button is being held and delivers a wall slamming double punch upon release. The button strength determines the speed of the vacuum. He can also pre-emptively cancel the move with the use of a kick button to confuse the opponent or set up a completely different attack. Note that if an opponent jumps over Segalow whilst vacumming, Segalow will end up tripping himself.

The EX version loses the pre-emptive canceling, but the move now performs much faster, and the opponent gets hit multiple times as Segalow winds the punch up in a fashion similar to a glitch Rugal had in King of Fighters 2002.

Scary Approach
Command QCFPlusP
Properties Throw, Unblockable (if used point-blank)
Description Segalow dashes in and attempts to grab the opponent by the neck. The button strength determines the distance of the dash. Once he grabs the opponent he can follow up in a myriad of ways:
  • Throw Up - PX - tosses the opponent up and behind him, which can be followed up with a juggle.
  • Throw To The Other Side - PY - has Segalow toss the opponent to the wall behind him.
  • Knee - KA - has Segalow knee the opponent into the wall in front of him.
  • Slam - KB - has Segalow jump up and slam his opponent into the ground. This move can also be performed in the opposite direction by simply holding the directional input contrary to where Segalow is facing prior to throwing.
  • (EX version only) Just Put Me Down! - DD - has Segalow put the opponent down, leaving them in enough of a hitstun state for further continuation of a combo.

The EX version gives the grab a large, outright telekinetic range and has the choking stage of the move deal continuous damage, in addition to giving access to an extra follow-up.

Super Moves

Level 1
Level 2
No Holds Barred Beatdown & Send in the clones
Command QCFQCFPlusP
Prerequisites At least one power stock, two for "Send in the clones"
Properties Hard Knockdown, Wallslam (Level 1 only)
Description Segalow proceeds to rush towards the opponent at a fast speed. Upon making contact with an unblocked opponent, he walks around them and promptly delivers a beatdown.

The Level 2 version, named "Send in the clones" increases the running speed significantly, and a clone of Segalow assists in the beatdown.

Level 1
Level 2
Saber Throw & LightningSaber Throw
Command QCBQCBPlusP
Prerequisites At least one power stock, two for "LightningSaber Throw"
Properties Projectile, Hard Knockdown, OTG (Level 2 only), Fullscreen (Level 2 only), Friendly Fire (Level 2 only)
Description Segalow pulls out a double-bladed lightsaber and throws it like a boomerang, slicing his opponent down a bit while Segalow can move freely with its presence. The direction of the throw can be altered by holding a directional input before Segalow throws the lightsaber.

The Level 2 version named "LightningSaber Throw" has Segalow throw the saber and then cast a lightning bolt on it, causing the saber to shoot lightning all over the place for massive damage. But in exchange this prohibits free movement, and slightly injures Segalow due to the lightning going rampant all across the screen.

Trivia A nod to the portrait portrayer Ray Park's role as Darth Maul in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
D..d R....r
Command QCBQCBPlusK
Prerequisites At least one power stock
Properties "Counter", Segalow cannot block with the ringer active
Description A notorious move inspired by the "Dead Ringer" item used by the Team Fortress 2 Spy class. Segalow brushes his suit briefly and will feign death if he is struck within 10 seconds after the move's activation. The real Segalow will then reappear right behind the opponent, giving ample opportunity to launch a surprise attack onto them.
Serpent's Infernal Rapture
Command QCFQCFPlusK
Prerequisites At least 1 power stock
Properties Hard Knockdown, Friendly Fire (if delayed too long)
Description A super taken straight out of the rulebook of Hazama from the BlazBlue series. It has Segalow disappear into a mist of clouds to reappear infront of the opponent with a kick that launches the opponent sky-high. The move can be delayed by holding the kick button, however, delaying it for too long will result in him taking damage from an off-screen sniper shot.
A day in post-ACTA life
Command HCBPlusPP
Prerequisites At least 3 power stocks
Properties Throw, Unblockable, Collapse (if hit from behind)
Description This super has Segalow grab his opponent and slice them for a moderate amount of damage, and allows for additional follow-ups. If used on an opponent facing backwards, this move will deal massive unscaled damage along with making a bloody mess if it KO's the opponent.


  • The voiceset (consisting mostly of samples from Michael McConnohie's performance as Street Fighter IV's Seth, with some clips of The Spy from Team Fortress 2, Lazlow Jones and other characters), along with the small and large portraits (Lazlow and Ray Park as Rugal in the live-action King of Fighters movie respectively) were supposed to be preliminary until The_None was about to find/make replacements for them, but the combination stuck on.
  • The aforementioned combination also made Vans come up with the name, being a combination of the characters he has elements of (Seth + Rugal + Lazlow). Before the final name was decided, the character was tentatively developed as "Not Rugal".


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