Ssj4radishsmall SSJ4 Radish
Type Boss/Cheap/Joke/Edit
Edit base Radish by Kakaroto
Origin Dragon Ball Z
Graphics Origin Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden
AI? No
Date of first public release July 13, 2001
Mugen Version DOSMugen

SSJ4 Radish, also humorously known as "El Presidente" to Saltybet bettors is an infamous poorly designed character, with many of the common idiocies attributed to DBZ authors (poor AI/ridiculous stats). Radish is well known for just standing still for an entire match taking hits and occasionally flying, even occasionally through the floor. When Radish remembers he's actually a fighter his attacks will be OHKOs for most fighters due to how ridiculous his attack power is (the character has 6500 hitpoints when normal character usually has around 1000, 500% defense and 2500% attack values). He also has a multi hitting beam super and consecutive energy blast super, with single hits alone from either super also being enough to KO normal characters.

The character is actually an edit of a Radish by Kakaroto, which is probably mostly indentical aside of the label of the portrait, the default palette and the stats.

Currently as of this writing Radish is in S tier and will probably stay there for all of SaltyBet, due to his lack of AI, he has been known to just spend entire rounds just being attacked by other characters and not retaliating. It should be said that if this character had any semblance of intelligence or AI he'd be in X Tier no questions asked, He has beaten X Tier Characters with his OHKO nonsense before just by pimp slapping them.

in 2016 a new edit of Radish was created with actual AI named "El Presidente" by Sfg. As previously presumed he is in X tier and even then this version of Radish is known to be top dog amongst X Tiers. It also has a 12th Palette with even higher overall stats and health.

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