For information petraining to the character in general as well as his normal sized version, see Bluestreak.
Sdbluestreak smallport SD Bluestreak
Sdbluestreak bigport
PocketBlue idle
Type Original
Author Name Balthazar (sprites), Diepod (original character concept, some sprites, voice), Balmsold (some sprites), Johnny916 (coding)
Also converted by Diepod (character concept) and Jesuszilla (coding) (Original version)
Origin On-development White Eyes by Diepod
Gameplay Origin Original (based off Street Fighter 3)
Graphics Origin Original
AI? No
Date of first public release June, 2014
Version July 3, 2014
Mugen Version Winmugen, 1.0

SD Bluestreak is a super-deformed version of the Bluestreak character, conceived by Balthazar with approval of Diepod (who also helped with some animations and recorded new voices for the character that are higher pitched than the normal ones) with a little sprite help from Balmsold and coded by Johnny916. Its sprites are based off SNK vs Capcom: Match of The Millennium characters, though boasting more fluid animation and fully colorized, so it doesn't completely fall into that catagory. The gameplay is also divergent enough from the normal sized counterpart to be unique.


Though SD Bluestreak shares a lot of basic moves with his big brother, most if his special moves are new.

His gameplay is based off Street Fighter 3 (sharing the overall colission impact, speed, flow and sound effects), becomes its own brand by allowing more elaborate combo ability (jumping, standing or crouching strings are possible as well as launchers and a simple aircombo, for example), nixing EX Special Moves not using the different stocks for Supers (they are all Level 1's with the exeption of one Level 3 Super) and adding a unique featured called 'Super Parry' (it's basically a parry that can be performed as you are being pummeled, after at least 3 hits in, essencially being a combo breaker. It costs 500 superbar points). This Super Parry is performed by pressing Strong Punch and Strong Kick together. This unique brand of gameplay style hasn't been labeled yet.

One more unique feature SD Bluestreak has going for him, since he has electric powers, enemy's electric-based attacks (the ones that put you in a 'shocked' custom hitstate) actually gives him a little health back, rather then damaging him.


The animated gifs displayed in his Movelist feature SD Bluestreak in his color-seperated shades (hence the teal/green shirt).


PocketBlue Bed Time-0
Bed Time
Command BPlusPXPlusKA
Description His backwards throw. While not actually switching sides with the enemy, it does knock 'em flat on the ground right in front of you, no nonsense.
PocketBlue Worst Touch-0
Worst Touch
Command FPlusPXPlusKA
Description An electric-charged palm uppercut strike is delt, twist-knocking the enemy away.
PocketBlue choke slam-1
Choke Slam
Command mid-air, FPlusPXPlusKA
Description This is SD Bluestreak's air grab. Get on the floor, sucka! Can be done after launching the enemy with a Berserker Upper, or after they bounce off the wall from a Berserker Kick, for example.

Special Moves

PocketBlue bluebolt-0
Blue Bolt
Command QCFPlusP
Description SD Bluestreak dashes forward with an electricity-charged gut punch, then follows with an overhead smash, also charged with electricity. This knocks the enemy away.
PocketBlue - Arc Shot-1
Arc Shot
Command BDDBPlusP
Description After a short charge-up, SD Bluestreak unleashes a small burst of electricity around and in front of him. This will also clash with incoming projectiles, it does 3 hits. Like your basic Hadouken, this can be combo'd into from most normal attacks.
PocketBlue berserker cleave-0
Berserker Cleave
PocketBlue berserker cleave upper2-0
Berserker Upper
PocketBlue berserker kick2-0
Berserker Kick
Berserker Cleave
Command QCBPlusP
Description The little guy dashes forward while spinning around and delivering a slash with his gargoyle claw. It can be followed up with:
  • Persistent Cleave ( QCBPlusP ), a double slash. Can be further followed up with two of the other options.
  • Berserker Upper, ( FPlusP ), which delivers a slashing uppercut that launches the enemy, enabling you to start a juggle.
  • Berserker Kick, ( FPlusK ). This hard boot knocks the enemy away far and bounces them off the wall. If you're close enough you can juggle them as they are falling away from the wall. So it's a combo ender if you want it to be and a set-up if you want it to be.
PocketBlue the knee-0
The Knee
PocketBlue the knee electrocutioner-0
The Knee
Command QCBPlusK
Description A rather short-ranged attack, it causes a mini-launch. Not really devastating on it's own, but on hit it can be followed up with the Electricutioner (FPlusK) which has Bluestreak grab p2 with a gargoyle arm sprouting from his chest, and electrocutes them nice and sparkly. This is a combo ender all the way.
PocketBlue batwing revolver-0
Batwing Revolver
Command FDDFPlusK
Description A cool looking spinning multi-hit kick move, good for combos and long-range suprises. Not so much anti-air (though it can be used to hop over some low attacks such as sweeps).This move is the most unchanged one from the move shared by his larger counterpart.Does 3 hits (if you use it up close).
PocketBlue Thunderbolt-0
Command mid-air, QCFPlusK
Description While jumping, you can toss out this move to suprise enemies below. After a short pause/charge, SD Bluestreak shoots down with a stomp kick, surrounded by electricity. Upon a succesful hit, he will bounce off and do a backflip. You might even try for another Thunderbolt after said backflip.

Super Moves

PocketBlue tatsumaki-0
Command QCFQCFPlusK
Prerequisites At least 1 power stock
Description The Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku is one of Bluestreak's favourite moves! As such, it could not be excluded from his moveset. This version is a multi-hitting anti-air Super attack, different from both versions that big Bluestreak has. In the animated gif he does 4 kicks, but in the game he actually does 6. It's a pretty nice combo ender and does fair enough damage. And it looks cool as heck!
PocketBlue berserker whirlwhind3
Berserker Whirlwind
Command QCBQCBPlusP
Prerequisites At least 1 power stock
Description A super version of his Berserker Cleave, this has SD Bluestreak spinning forward like a clawed top, ending with a leaping cross slash copied from Wolverine's Berserker Barrage. Afterwards, he falls over from dizziness.
PocketBlue arc cannon-0
Arc Cannon
Command QCFQCFPlusP
Prerequisites At least 1 power stock
Description A super version of his Arc Shot, SD Bluestreak fully transforms into his menacing gargoyle form and unleashes a fullscreen barrage of lightning! Does 10 hits.
PocketBlue zeus-0
Command QCBFPlusP
Prerequisites 3 power stocks
Description The most powerful move in his arsenal. He dashes forward with a gut punch. Only if this attack succesfully connects with the enemy (not whiffed or blocked), he will follow up with 3 hard punches, surrounded by lightning. The player needs to press the 'Punch' button on the exact time of impact of these three punches. Doing this does more damage and also boosts the final blow, which is a launching palm strike accompanied by a large lightning strike. Get the 'boost' on all three punches and there's BIG LIGHTNING!


  • The included Readme includes a SNK vs Capcom Card Fighters-styled card sprite of SD Bluestreak made by Archell.
  • Diepod originally wanted to record the voices for SD Bluestreak in a lower register (than regular Bluestreak), as a joke, before opting for a higher register instead.

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