Ssf2ryusmall Ryu
Type Conversion
Author Name Masa
Origin Super Street Fighter II Turbo
AI? Yes
Date of first public release 2013
Version August 7th, 2014
Mugen Version 1.1

There are at least few conversions of Ryu as he appeared in Super Street Fighter 2, among which Masa's - whose conversion this article is primarly based on - is generally considered to be the most definitive. Masa's Ryu is a partially accurate conversion from the source, but also has some hidden extra modes that change up his playstyle. 


Normally, Ryu controls exactly like in SSF2T, complete with the super combo gauge draining after each round, and the high damage output.

However, if the player presses Start, they will gain access to a menu that displays the movelist and allows the player to tweak few settings. These include changing to Ken or Akuma's movesets (the characters themselves are also included alongside this Ryu as separate def files, and they too can be customized with the same settings) as well as changing to an X-Men: Children of the Atom playstyle. This makes him surprisingly versatile.

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