Real name Reuben Kee
Date of Birth July 9th 1984
Date of Death November 23th, 2007

Years active 2000-2007
Status deceased
Website his creations are hosted by Phantom Of The Server here
Origin Singapore

Reuben Kee - or Reu for short - was a Mugen creator known for a pair of "Evil" versions of Street Fighter Shotoclones, as well as a modeled-in-3D-digitized-into-2D original character known as Dragon Claw. His characters were very technically proficient (to the point that both his Evil Ryu and Evil Ken won Character of the Year awards at The Mugen Fighters Guild in the years they first came out) and lured many people into exploring the capabilities and uses of M.U.G.E.N as far as edited and original content goes, even if few people criticized few of his gameplay decisions as well as inspiring countless of imitators of the 'Evil' concept (few of them to the point of parody). They were also noted for challenging AI.

He died in a boating accident on November 23, 2007. His unexpected death shook up even his critics.

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He's the only Mugen user to have an article on an english wikipedia.
  • His Dragon Claw is also a rare example of a Mugen creation to receive merchandise.
  • While "Evil Ryu" was already an actual thing in the actual Capcom vs SNK and Street Fighter EX games by the time Reu's creation came out, his Evil Ken foreshadowed the coming of an official Violent Ken which debuted in 2003's SVC Chaos, about two years after Evil Ken had been first released.

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