Reikamusmall Reika Murasame
Type Original
Author Name Taruse
Updated By BBH
Origin Original
AI? ai patches available
Date of first public release 2004
Mugen Version winMUGEN

Reika Murasame is an original character conceived, coded and sprited by Taruse in early 2004. One of Taruse's last creations, it ranks among one of his most acclaimed, featuring an incredrible amount of polish for a custom mugen character of a time, as well as presentation values on par with some of the commercial fighting games.


A notable feature in the system is a weapon gauge that dictates the damage dealt by Reika's sword-based attacks and degrades every time such attack would connect with the opponent, blocked or not. When the gauge gets to low enough level Reika is able to call for the new sword ( PYPlusKB ) to restore the gauge at maximum level.


Command QCFPlusPX
Properties Projectile, Knockdown
Description A two-part special move, Reika casts energy that can be turned into either a fast moving projectile ( PX ) or a more powerful projectile with limited range ( KB )
Sky Kick
Command QCBPlusKA
Properties Knockdown, Slight Invincibility Frames
Description Reika does a backwards flip kick.
Storm Slash
Command QCFPlusKB
Properties Knockdown
Description A trap-like spinning slash attack in a similar vein to a Zanretsuken.
Command PXPlusKA
Properties Dodge, more varies on the followup
Description Reika's dodge technique that can be either canceled early or followed with either of the following two part attacks:
  • PX, PY - Stab, followed by a kick that wires the opponent.
  • KA, PY - A sweep, followed by an upward slash.
  • KB, PY - Overhead hop slash, followed by a Sky Kick that launches the opponent high enough to allow juggles

Super Moves

Shin! Jinga
Command QCFPlusPY
Prerequisites One Power Stock
Properties Projectile, Knockdown
Description A Multi-Hit stab.
Command QCBPlusPY
Prerequisites One Power Stock
Properties Projectile, Knockdown
Description Reika does an enhanced Zanbar that is followed with a large projectile.
14Combo Slash!!
Command HCBFPlusPY
Prerequisites Three power stocks, sword gauge at least 50%
Properties Knockdown
Description Reika dashes in to deliver a relatively cinematic slash combo on hit.

Hidden Moves

This section is for the moves that are not listed in the character's english readme.

Double Sky Kick
Command QCBQCBPlusKA
Properties Knockdown
Description An enhanced version of the Sky Kick that moves forwards instead of backward.
Command HCBPlusKB
Properties Throw, Unblockable
Description A slow command throw that blows the opponent back to the wall on connect.
Command QCFPlusPYPlusKB
Prerequisites Selected palette being 6, Sword Gauge at full
Properties Throw
Description A very quick attack that is nonetheless rather risky to use as it depletes the sword gauge on use.