Rarkumasmall Rare Akuma
A portrait taken from an art by UDON artist Omar-Dogan
Author Name Phantom.of.the.Server
Edit base Phantom.of.the.Server's Shin Gouki
Graphics Origin Capcom vs. SNK
AI? yes
Date of first public release 2008
Version 12.01.2010
Mugen Version 1.0
Look at the size of these footprints!
Steve Martin (voiced by Raymond Burr) reacts to one of ways Rare Akuma's Shun Goku Satsu ends., clip from Godzilla, King of the Monsters!

Rare Akuma is an absurdly superpowered off-kitler joke edit of Phantom.of.the.Server's own Shin Gouki.

Gameplay Edit

Being a superpowered joke edit, this character has twice as health that slowly regenerates and is immune to throws and projectile attacks as the latter bounce off him. He retains most of Shin Gouki's moveset albeit heavily superpowered. His comboability is off the roof with being able to cancel every single basic attack (themselves enhanced with super speed and since the latest update his non-aerial medium and fierce ones proppel him a bit) even on whiff, every single special move into another special move and even super moves into another. All of his moves can hit downed opponents. His guard is replaced with a parry. He can randomly burst out of opponent's attacks and can even ressurect himself once shall his health somehow drop to zero. Matches involving Rare Akuma tend to get interrupted with narrations of Raymond Burr, sampled from his lines as Steve Martin from Godzilla movies.

Movelist Edit

Spoiler warning!
This article contains details about something that's best experienced (or at least witnessed) yourself before reading about it.

As this character's movelist is not included in the readme, for the sake of this article most of the moves will be reffered by the names of Shin Gouki's moves, regardless of how much Rare Akuma's moves deviate from the Shin Gouki moves they replace.

Gou Hadou Ken - QCFP

Akuma shoots an Orochi Skull at his opponent that hits 8 times. He can charge this move up which results in shooting a giant Orochi Skull that can be remote controlled. Has a random chance of shooting a mini-Akuma that would assist him for a period of time.

Shakunetsu Hadou Ken - HCBP

Akuma farts out an aformentioned mini-Akuma.

Gou Shouryuu Ken - FDDFP

Akuma does a Shoryuuken. If he does it high enough, this move has a random chance of hitting a Duck off-screen, which can hit the opponent as it falls down.

Zankuu Hadou Ken - mid air, QCFP

Akuma shoots two Orochi Skulls mid-air.

Tatsumaki Zankuu Kyaku - QCBK (also in air)

Akuma does a spinning kick. Aside from being cancelable into other special moves, it's not too different from the usual shotoclone fare.

Ashura Senkuu Zenpou/Kouho - FDDFPPlusP or BDDBPPlusP

A teleportation move that can warp through the screen.

Zenpou Tenshin - QCBP

Akuma rolls forward as a few of smaller homing Orochi Skulls are spawned out of him.

Hyakki Shuu - QCFK

Akuma shoots out a beam that if unblocked transforms his opponent into food. His opponent can still move as food but can't do anything else. The transformation is either dispelled or as soon as (s)he gets hit.

Tenma Shurettou - DDP

A counter move that upon counter has Rare Akuma teleport behind his opponent (with a kawarimi spawning in his old place).

Lv.1 SupersEdit

Messatsu Gou Hadou - QCBPPlusP

Akuma morphs into his SF3 appearance and does a Kamehameha.

Messatsu Gou Shouryuu - QCFPPlusP

Akuma does a Shoryuuken that warps through the ceiling 9 times.

Messatsu Gou Rasen - QCBKPlusK

Akuma does a spinning kick that teleports behind the opponent with every kick.

Tenma Gou Zankuu - mid-air, QCFPPlusP

Akuma shoots out lots of Orochi Skulls from the sky.

Tenma Shinzui Heki - mid-air, QCFKPlusK

Akuma does a divekick. He then divekicks his opponent few more times when the first one hits.

Charamari - QCFKPlusK

Akuma dashes back offscreen and rolls a Katamari on his opponent.

Lv.2 SupersEdit

Kongou Kokuretsu Zan - DDDPPlusP

Akuma rises his fist and shoot out a number of Orochi Skulls to the sky that drop onto his opponent.

Tenshou Kaireki Jin - DDDKPlusK

Akuma jumps up and drops a moon (or a Death Star) onto his opponent and Tatsumaki kicks the object with the victim inside.

Lv.3 SupersEdit

Misogi - HCBKPlusK

Akuma summons multiple clones to drop down on his opponent just to teleport and drop down himself on his opponent.

Shun Goku Satsu - PXPXFKAPZ

Akuma teleports behind the opponent and grabs him doing something unspeakable. It can end in three ways and it's always an instant kill.


Akuma stops time for a while.


Akuma floats up and explodes, killing both himself and his opponent in an ublockable fullscreen instant kill attack.

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