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Website adress
Launched by Kung Fu Man
Launch date 2005

RandomSelect is a site founded in around 2005 on XCB's Put In Your Membrane Network by an individual known as Kung Fu Man (named after the character, not to be confused by the administrator of Elecbyte forums simply known as KFM) whose purpose fluctuated throurough it's existence. Launched as a mugen-themed website before shifting into a more general development-related, it used to have it's own mugen database as an alternative to The Mugen Guild's own (and the webmaster remains open to discussion on whenever the database should have it's comeback[1]). As of now the site houses a forum which used to be frequented by a number of prominent members of the Mugen Revolution group as well as a hosted section which provides downloads for a number of creations by earlier mugen creators whose sites are defunct if not absent to begin with (including few members of said Mugen Revolution group).

Creators whose characters are hosted by the site Edit

References Edit

  1. The forum itself is still open too, and we could use some input on whether or not we should bring back a mugen database. - April 3, 2014

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