Pupasmall Pupa
Type Conversion
Author Name Jango
Also converted by Nyankiryu, Ryo2005
Origin Rage Of The Dragons
AI? No
Date of first public release February 14th, 2015
Mugen Version 1.0

Pupa Salgueiro is a breakdancing Capoeira expert featured in the cult 2D fighting game, Rage of the Dragons. She is considered a top-tier character in her home game, but is known for her goofy personality and terrible English skills. Few mugen authors have taken on making a mugen conversion of the character, with Jango's being generally considered the most definitive one, being a hybrid adaptation of her appearance in Rage of the Dragons with gameplay elements from Power Instinct: Matrimelee.


Pupa is able to mix up her approach very well. Able to zone well with Bencao, but also able to get in close and combo well, Pupa has the tools to answer just about any given situation. However, many of her attacks are unsafe on block, and she has significantly less health than the average fighter.


(The description is based on Jango's version unless noted)

Command QCFP
Properties Projectile
Description Pupa throws a wrench at the opponent. The weak version flies straight ahead while the strong version flies upwards at a 45 degree angle.
Command QCBK
Properties Knockdown
Description A mid-air twirling kick, similar to Ryu's Hurricane kick. The strength of the kick changes the distance and speed of the attack.
Flying Dance
Command FDDFK
Properties Knockdown
Description Pupa does two kicks into the air. An anti-air move. Tapping DHP after the second hit will lead into a follow-up attack
Real Beat
Command K repeatedly
Properties Knockdown (finishing move)
Description Pupa's lightning kick-style move. The move can be canceled into a finisher with a QCFK
Command Hold KB then release
Properties Overhead (if charged long enough), unblockable (if charged even longer)
Description Pupa does a split kick into the opponent. Damage done and block properties are dictated by how long the button was held at the time of release.


Prerequisites Single power stock
Properties Knockdown
Description Pupa does two cartwheels into the opponent.
Au Frenzy
Prerequisites Two power stocks
Properties Knockdown
Description Pupa does four cartwheels into the opponent. While the move is slightly safer than its Lv. 1 counterpart, the damage difference between the two versions isn't that great.

Available Versions

  • Nyankiryu created the first Pupa available for MUGEN in 2006 for the WinMUGEN build. As an older character, there are many technical issues including incorrect move behavior and improperly ripped sounds and sprites. However, she does feature hardcoded winquotes prior to MUGEN 1.0's standardized format for them.
  • Ryo2005's Pupa is meant to be a mixture of both Matrimelee and Rage of the Dragons systems. However, most of the moves appear to be "guesswork" and make Pupa behave abnormally.
  • Jango's version is also a combination of Matrimelee and Rage of the Dragon's systems. However, data was extracted from both of these games to ensure some level of accuracy, creating a sort of "best-of" version. Additionally, this version has multiple easter eggs and an improved palette.