Years active 2003-2010
Status retired(?)
Website PotS' Mugen
Origin Portugal
Influenced RajaaBoy,Jmorphman,DivineWolf,Hero,Antagonist

Phantom.of.the.Server - or just PotS for short - refers to an aclaimed Mugen creator. The gameplay of his creations tend to be predominately loosely based on Capcom Vs SNK series (with some exceptions). He's also noted for his tutoring abilities. His signature style has spawned a number of imitators.

"PotS Style"

PotS Style refers to the gameplay style utilized by most of non-bonus stage creations of POTS as well as his imitators, which of a mish-mash of systems from several games, including Cvs2, KOF, SFA3 and SFIII. These are also recognizable for the effects the characters made in this style seem to have.

Characters converted by Phantom.of.the.Server

Bonus-stage like "characters":

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