Ohasmall Ohayou Sensei
Type Original?
Author Name Taruse
AI? no
Date of first public release January 2001
Version May 2001
Mugen Version DOSmugen

Ohayou Sensei is one of Taruse's earliest original sprited characters, first released in 2001. It depicts a MSPaint-drawn caveman with anachronistic hair. While a far cry from some of the characters the author would later create, he nonetheless have attained a following in one circle.


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Due to being a character made by a japanese author with no english language readme included, for the sake of this article the move names are made up.

Command PY
Prerequisites 20% of a single power stock
Properties Projectile, Knockdown
Description Sensei casts an energyball with a doll of himself on top of it. A bit more powerful than usual for a projectile move due to it's power requirement. The projectile hits as soon as it's created thus it's unblockable on point-blank range.
Command mid-air, PY
Properties Knockdown
Description Sensei makes an offensive mid-air dash.
Command QCBPlusPX
Properties Projectile
Description A less powerful projectile that nonetheless has no power requirements. It shares the unblockability oversight with the Hadouken.
Kung Fu Palm
Command QCFPlusPX
Properties Knockdown
Description A weird move that may as well be a slight variation on Kung Fu Man's Kung Fu Palm.
Hurricane Kick
Command QCBPlusKA
Properties Unblockable on point-blank
Description Unusually, this attack seems to be more modeled on Ryu's Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku rather than a regular Hurricane Kick (minus the absent vacoom effect), as the move has Sensei first dash in with the knee sticking out to then do a spinning kick in place. Notably, the attack doesn't appear to knock down the opponent either. The first hit has such a massive pushbacks that it may prevent future hits from connecting unless used on a cornered opponent.
Command PXPXPX
Properties Knockdown
Description A roughly coded variant of Ryo Sakazaki's move.
Lightning Throw
Command QCBPlusKB
Properties Throw, Unblockable
Description A command throw that has Sensei lift his victim to the sky and cast a thunder on him/her.
Mini Attack
Command DDPlusPX
Properties Knockdown, Invulnerability frames
Description A bizzare move that has Sensei's hair open out and have a mini version of himself come out and do the same, casting a question box in front of them. The attack box is on the first doll before the question mark would appear.

Super Moves

Command QCFPlusKB
Prerequisites One power stock
Properties Knockdown (final hit)
Description A relatively standard super that may as well be a variation of Tripple Kung Fu Palm.
Command QCFPlusPY
Prerequisites Two power stocks
Properties Knockdown
Description Sensei emits a beam. For a lv.2 super it's excessively powerful with a rather terryfying chip damage the move induces on the blocked opponents (to say nothing of the damage it does on hit).
Plane Transformation
Command PXPXFKAKB , or PZ
Prerequisites Three power stocks
Properties Unblockable, Throw
Description Sensei goes on a motive rant then transforms himself into a mecha plane to wall press the opponent, dealing 90% of damage.
Command HCFPlusPXPlusKA
Prerequisites Three power stocks, less than 20% of health
Properties Invincibility, Knockdown
Description Sensei morphs into a clothed isometric version of himself and dashes through the opponent, dealing massive damage.