I AER HTE GRETTERST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!1111
—One of NeoZekrom MK2's own winquotes
Nzmk2mug NeoZekrom MK2
Author Name [Meep140]
Edit base MVC Ken by DCL
Origin An edit of an edit (MvC NeoZekrom by MultiMugen) to insult the edit for being just an palette and sound swap of ken by DCL
AI? Yes
Date of first public release 2013
Mugen Version 1.0


Supposedly once an ordinary human living a relatively ordinary life, NeoZekrom came into contact with Chuck Norris and through somehow surviving, changed into an altered clone of Ken Masters.


In M.U.G.E.N, NeoZekrom MK2 is a 6-button fighter with inconsistent palette, glitchy/stolen sprites from other notorious bad characters, including Actarus' Bender/Peter, Chuck Norris Su Go Kart, amongst other random characters and has random sounds, also from those characters. He also can regain health by going to his stand-state (at least, technically anyway), and some of his attacks cause the opponent to glitch.


In more recent versions, he has gained the ability to glitch even further through warping through the floor and ceiling, as well as randomly spouting sounds and randomly swapping his animations, leading to occasional times where the opponent is completely unable to hit him due to being either too high or too in-the-floor to reach.

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