Years active early 2000s-2009
Status Retired
Website Kamek's Krap
Origin United States
Influences XCB

NeoKamek is an American former Mugen creator who created a few notable characters that had quite a following during the YouTube boom era, among which the best known is Kamek, who stands out the most in his coding repertoire.

To say NeoKamek has a consistent style would be wrong. All of NeoKamek's characters, with the exception of the aforementioned Kamek, are all based on existing creators' characters' gameplay, aesthetics, or both. If there is one thing that most of his characters share, it would be the use of the MvC2 combo announcer. Additionally, many of his characters are very projectile heavy.

NeoKamek left the MUGEN community after he received a large amount of complaints that his fame was pretty much based on copying other peoples' work, an irony considering his stance against code and sprite usage in his characters.

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