Nmorismall NMori Yagami
Author Name Adamlexus (based of Vans's Iori Yagami)
Origin King Of Fighters as if programmed by the people that gave the world Big Rigs
AI? Yes
Date of first public release 2011
Mugen Version winMUGEN and later

NMori Yagami is a deliberatively wretched edit of Vans's Iori Yagami taken as if it was extreemely poorly programmed. It was made by Adamlexus as a part of a series started by Vans in which people take his Iori and mangle with the character beyond recognition.


His gameplay was made to be intentionally luducrous. A incomplete list of traits includes:

  • He shifts his position in his stance alone.
  • His hitbox only covers the very centre of the character in a way reminiscent of how Shaq Fu's hitboxes are.
  • Crouching makes a chest-high Gears of War boxart to appear that protects him from attacks like it's a cover system.
  • His jump physics makes him look like he originated from a Active Enterprises-developed platformer.
  • Many of his moves have silly properties.
  • He has half of an average defense but he makes up for having a Call of Duty style regenerating health (complete with out of place bright red borders of the screen shall NMori's health go below 50%).


In addition to heavily modified variants of Iori Yagami's moves, he also has some that are quite special on their own:

  • KA (Close)
When NMori hits, he delivers a field goal with the opponent as the ball.
  • Tekken 5 Marshal Law endingQCBPZ
NMori does an uppercut that takes away 99% of the opponent's health but randomly gives back an amount of health back when the opponent hits the ground.
  • Christmas for Master DFDDFP
NMori does Iori's Oniyaki except that he transforms into a pillar explosion when he lans.
  • Thunder Beam - mid-air, QCFPZ
NMori does a powered punch and floats up. A reference to Street Fighter X Tekken's glitch that involves Megaman's floating up while doing a powered punch.
  • Missingno, horse power!QCFQCFP
NMori does a mangled variant of Iori's Ya Sakazuki in which when he holds long enough a Train with Jean Grey's face would assist him.
A variant of Chi No Bosou that upon counter not only does damage but also randomly overrides the opponent's variables, glitching the opponent more or less depending on the creation.
  • Back to KarklandDDPZ
NMori creates black borders on the edges of the screen and when the opponent gets close he'd get prompted to "return to the combat zone" or else (s)he'd explode.


  • NMori was part of a series proposed by Vans, where everyone was invited to take his Iori Yagami and create completely bizarre edits of him. Trouble Man and Zeori were other edits created during this event.
  • NMori showed up at SaltyBet at least once. As he's unstable, he managed to crash the engine and therefore the stream.[1][2]


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