Msfansmall Ms. Fanservice
Yoko's stance
Type Joke edit
Author Name DrKelexo
Graphics Origin Kabao's Yoko Littner, various sources
AI? yes
Date of first public release 2012
Mugen Version 1.0

Miss Fanservice is a custom character conceived by DrKelexo in 2012 using Kabao's Yoko Littner sprites, aimed to be a pot-shot against sexualized characters.


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All of the character's special moves have an EX version, performed by doing a command with two button strengths at the cost of half of a power stock.

Yoko Fucking Drills People
Command QCFPlusP
Properties Knockdown
Description MSF does a drill punch with Cammy appearing in her arm doing a Spiral Arrow. The EX version does launch Cammy out of her arm
Jokes Involving The Word 'Pussy'
Command QCFPlusK
Properties Projectile
Description MSF kicks out Pico, with the button strength deciding the angle. Holding the button allows MSF to delay the kick. The EX version has MSF kick Felicia into doing her Rolling Buckle.
The Foreplay
Command QCBPlusP
Properties Invincibility Frames, varies depending on the followup
Description MSF does a sidestep with the button in the command changing the direction of the dodge. She can either cancel the dodge early with a kick button or do one of the follow-ups:
  • Who Is Blaster ( PX ) - MSF pulls out her Sniper rifle and shoots out a female King of Fighters XIII character (or a Rainbow Mika if done from the EX version)
  • Third Base Slide ( PY ) - a sweeping slide kick
  • Award-Winning Fisting ( PZ ) - a punch that wires opponents on hit
Mai Valentine Is A Stupid Name
Command mid-air, QCBPlusP
Properties Projectile
Description MSF shoots out a Mai Shiranui out of her rifle. The EX version dealts multiple hits and knocks down
Freakin Ripoff Of Chun-Li (?)
Command QCBPlusK (can be also done mid-air)
Properties Overhead
Description MSF jumps up and does a dive kick at an angle specified by the button strength. The EX version knocks down

Super Moves

All of the super moves have three possible levels performed depending on the button strength and the ammount of power available.

ArmorGamsees Beam
Command QCFQCFPlusP
Prerequisites At least one power stock
Properties Invincibility Frames, Knockdown
Description MSF charges up something to be struck by lightning that would also hit her opponent.
SkullGirl's Gotta Gun
Command QCFQCFPlusK
Prerequisites At least one power stock
Properties Projectiles, Knockdown
Description MSF shoots out a couple of female characters out of her rifle until shooting out herself from the past position.
Rila's Head.Pos Mayhem
Command QCBQCBPlusP
Prerequisites At least one power stock
Properties Counter, Knockdown
Description A counter move that on hit has Angel strip down to wow her opponent before exploding.
Miscommunication Kick
Command QCBQCBPlusK
Prerequisites At least one power stock
Properties Overhead, Knockdown
Description MSF jumps to her wall and does a Maximum Spider-like super.
Athena's Sexy Schoolgirl Striptease
Command QCBHCFPlusP
Prerequisites At least one power stock
Properties Projectile, Knockdown
Description An air-throw that has MSF summon Athena to throw her coat, which on hit has the opponent get trampled by a wave of Athenas.
And Yet She's Older
Command QCBHCFPlusK
Prerequisites At least one power stock
Properties Projectile
Description MSF summons Sakura to perform her super. MSF can freely attack alongside Sakura.
It's Like Hwa Jai But Replace Booze With Boobs
Command QCFHCBPlusP
Prerequisites At least one power stock
Properties Invincibility Frames, Throw
Description MSF dashes in and bounces the opponent with her head with timed button strikes.
Angel (Of Death (Or Just Plain Shirtlessness))
Command QCFHCBPlusK
Prerequisites At least one power stock
Properties Knockdown
Description MSF calls in Angel to peform a really delayed powerful punch. Like with the Sakura super, MSF can also freely attack alongside Angel.

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