Bean icon Mr. Bean
Mr bean v2 stand
Type Original
Author Name WlanmaniaX
Origin Mr. Bean
Graphics Origin Original
AI? yes
Date of first public release February, 2011
Mugen Version winMUGEN

Mr. Bean is a six-button character with semi-inconsistent damage outputs and strange hitboxes. Comboing is slightly difficult to pull off, but is possible, though the combos are typically quite short and don't deal a particularly large amount of damage overall. Perhaps as a slight inspiration from the Marvel vs. Capcom series, Mr. Bean has a Launcher, though it is entirely ineffective, as the opponent falls too quickly.

Though Mr. Bean has three Hyper attacks, only one of them needs to be used, given its superiority over the other two. Chicken Rampage is only effective if the opponent is lying down, otherwise only one of the chickens will hit the opponent; even if it hits a downed opponent, it is still considerably less damage than the other two Hypers at 224 damage, making it entirely useless. Dizzy Glove Cannon + Car deals 388 damage, providing the car doesn't miss the opponent for an unknown reason, which despite being more than Chicken Rampage, uses 3000 Power as opposed to 2000, and is still less than Boombastic Combo, which deals 420 damage for just 1000 Power.

Mr. Bean's A.I. is somewhat spammy and has a habit of using Boombastic Combo, though not always making the most out of it, either using it at a distance, which causes it to miss, or while the opponent is falling, which causes later parts of the attack to miss entirely.

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