Moorhunn's in-game sprite
Author Name Most_Mysterious
Origin Kurka Wodna
Date of first public release 2004
Version 0.9
 Moorhunn (sic) is one of the earlier creations by Most_Mysterious. He is a flying chicken from the Polish-published Digitale Hühnerjagd (also known as Kurka Wodna in Poland) of which he originates his sprites from, itself based on German computer game series Moorhuhn (also known as Crazy Chicken in english speaking countries), of which he's (slightly mispellingly) named after.

Gameplay Edit

Moorhunn is a flying character who has access to three types of guns: Main, Secondary and Bomb. He can switch out guns in Main freely and upgrade them throughout the battle using the power meter. He only has three points of health however, leaving him vulnerable when it comes to defending.

Movelist Edit

Moorhunn can trigger each of his weapons by the three different K buttons. KA is Main Gun, KB is Secondary, and KC is Bomb. He upgrades his Main and Secondary Guns with PX  and PY  respectively, though it costs 1 bar of meter. PZ lets you cycle through the Secondary Guns.

Trivia Edit

  • Very popular on SaltyBet, despite his poor winning record. He's one of Salty's personal favorites, and likes using Moorhunn in exhibition matches.

See also Edit

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