Tnmnosmall MissingNo.
Type Original take
Author Name The_None
Origin Pokemon Gen I
AI? yes
Date of first public release August 31st, 2013
Mugen Version winmugen and 1.0 versions included

MissingNo. is a notorious glitch Pokemon present in the Generation I of the games. It has been intrepreted into a custom MUGEN character by The_None in 2013. Contrasting the projectile-focused representation of the "character" by Mike, this version is a more physical trickster whose glitchiness is further emphasized with some of it's moves modifying a variable (or an entire set of them in it's Raging Demon equalivement) in it's opponents, which may have varying effects depending on the opponent.


To be elaborated later.


Some special moves have EX versions which can be performed for 1 power stock by performing a command with two button strengths.

Corruption Typhoon
Command HCBPlusK
Properties Throw, hits low
Description MissingNo performs a spinning piledriver like move. Has a chance to randomly override two of it's opponent's variables. Has an EX-variant in the form of The River Glitch, which has MissingNo. drag it's opponent into itself and beat down in it.
Hundred Gun
Command QCFPlusP (can be also done mid-air)
Properties Projectiles (EX only)
Description MissingNo. does what it appears to be Star Platinum's ORA ORA attack. The PX version has it start the barrage attack in place while the PY version preceeds the barrage with a dash attack. It has an EX variant Water Gun, which applies projectiles to the barrage attack.
The Duplicator
Command QCBPlusP
Properties Counter, projectiles, knockdown
Description A counter move that throws out copies of it's opponent (or projectiles). The button strength decides for how long should the counter be active.
Command BDDBPlusK
Properties Knockdown
Description MissingNo. jump back into it's wall (with the button strength factoring the height of the jump) and from then can either drop down or do a Slash with any attack button, which has it zap through and spawn from upwords at a position selected by the button used for the slash. The slash itself has an EX-variant with allows it to zap into the other side rather than from up.

Super Moves

Your Reaction to Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Turbo
Command while guarding PYPlusKB
Prerequisites At least one power stock
Properties Projectile
Description Unusually, it's a Guard Cancel attack listed as a super move. MissingNo. takes a turret-like form and shoots a projectile that crumples the opponent as it plays a random animation
Trivia Inspired by [of many glitches] that can be found in Alexlexus's fullgame project
Let's all (outsource to TimeGate Studios)
Command QCFQCFPlusK
Prerequisites At least two power stocks
Properties Throw, Unblockable
Description A Raging Demon-like attack that on hit overrides all of it's opponents variables in addition to dealing damage, potentially severly affecting the opponent's functionality for the duration of round (or match when the opponent relies on persistent variables in it's coding).
Trivia The effects of that super can give it an impression of a so-called postman-tier super, and while it can mess up the opponent quite bad, the effects would only last either a single round or a match depending on how the opponent uses his/her round-persistent variables that are altered and it certainly does not use any external batch files to alter the files. (The effect with glitching the opponent is achieved by randomly altering every one of the opponent's variables in a custom state)
Kevin Shields releases a new MBV album
Command QCBQCBPlusP
Prerequisites At least two power stocks
Properties Fullscreen
Description MissingNo. lights up and blares a fullscreen attack that throws the opponent all around the screen.
Trivia named after the band My Bloody Valentine releasing the third studio album in the same year the mugen character was first released. Loomer from the Loveless album can be heard blasted out really loud.
Hermit Exchange
Command FBPlusPXPlusPY
Prerequisites At least three power stocks
Properties Throw
Description MissingNo. reaches out to the opponent with "tentacles", which on hit swap the life values between it and the opponent. Seems only really useful in case MissingNo. would be at a massive health disadvantage.


  • As MissingNo. takes it's appearance out of scrambled in-game data, the author represented that with the particular way he did the sprites. He drew the forms in really small pixel art and then enlarged the pixels and applied random patterns for each of the present colors. Said patterns were made by viewing with TileGGD on either the actual files of the author's other characters or on uncompressed zip files containing extracted sprites of said characters (this is especially visible in few cases like one of the frames of it's standing far fierce "punch" where the Rox Howard texboxes from Omega Tiger Woods' special intros are visible). Likewise, few of the sounds are made by using an audio program to read non-audio files of actual mugen characters.
  • The Author initially wanted to release this character on April Fools of 2013[1] but suffered a few months delay. Kokesz took this year's April Fools spot.


  1. Angus released news post from July 2013, as well as the MissingNo. release news post