Banetysonsmall Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson's winpose
Author Name Bane84
Origin Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!!
AI? no
Date of first public release April 10th, 2005
Version Beta 1
Mugen Version winMugen

Mike Tyson is a famous former heavyweight boxer who - after Minoru Arakawa was impressed by Tyson's performance in a boxing match - was inserted as a final boss in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!! for the Nintendo Entertainment System, from where Bane84 converted this character.


Intended as a Boss character and loosely basing on his gameplay from Punch-Out!!!, Mike Tyson can freely move around the ring (Every single fight involving this character uses the boxing ring from the NES game as a background), block and deliver three kinds of punches, ranging from a quick punch (that is unblockable point-blank and it's possible to infinite a tall enough opponent with this move) to an uppercut that - much like in the source game - is unblockable and takes down opponents in one hit. His hitbox only covers from his waist up, can't be combo'ed beyond a second hit and is supposedly invurnerable to special moves, throws and projectiles.

Since Mike Tyson doesn't fight like a typical fighting game character, he is prone to certain characters, including bugs. Notable losses include Killer Whale (can't hit at all), Potemkin (command grabbed than stuck in an unhittable state), and some potato version of Sephiroth (hitbox issues)


  • Probably because of Bane84 not being aware of being able to lock camera position with some coding, fights with Mike Tyson would only look right on stages with no vertical camera scrolling on their own.