JodenSmall Michael Joden
Joden's big portrait
Glauber's Joden's sprite.
Type Conversion
Author Name Exclaimation_Question
Origin Top Fighter 2000 MK VIII
Gameplay Origin Top Fighter 2000 MK VIII
Graphics Origin Top Fighter 2000 MK VIII
AI? No
Date of first public release June 30th, 2012
Version March 4th, 2015
Mugen Version 1.0

Michael Joden is a caricature of Michael Jordan that appears in the bootleg game Top Fighter 2000 MK VIII. Exclamation_Question, an author notable for converting characters from various bootleg games, created this character on June 30th, 2012. Upon its initial release, it has been updated several times by the creator.


This character may have been developed alongside the same creator's version of Muhammad Ali, which was ripped from the same game.


Michael Joden is based off pro basketball player Michael Jordan. In Top Fighter 2000 MK VIII, he is shown prominently in the intro alongside Muhammad Ali, possibly hinting that he is one of the main characters. However, he also seems to be rivals with Ali, as one shot in the intro shows Ali punching Joden in the face. He also has Lucky Glauber's fighting style. I'm seriously not making any of this up.


Joden is a simple two button character with a small movepool. He can't combo, like in the source game, but is still easy to use. He has somewhat higher than average damage output and projectiles that could possibly confuse opponents and bring them in.


Being a japanese character with no english readme, the names are made up for the purpose of this article.

Death Bound
Command QCFPX
Description Joden throws a basketball at the ground which rises up.
Command QCBPX
Description Joden preforms a KOF-styled dodge that can bring him on to the opposite side of his opponent.
Cyclone Break
Command QCBPY
Description Joden does an airborne cartwheel.


Welcome to the Jam
Prerequisites At least 1 power stock.
Description Similar to Death Bound. However, the ball is on fire this time.

See Also

  • Lucky Glauber, the character who Joden was based off.
  • Shaq, another famous basketball player.