Melvana being timid circa 2010
Aliases Melvana, Cap'n Battle Monsters

Date of Birth November 24th
Years active 2010-today
Status active
Website Melvana's Smooth Silk Samples
Origin United States
Influences DrKelexo, mass, The_None, MDISinister, 3ha, NGI
MelvanaInChains refers to a fairly recent M.U.G.E.N. creator (although certainly not new to M.U.G.E.N. itself). She is most notable for her penchant for odd, lesser-known fighting games to convert from, and also dabbles in jokey characters from time to time. She is also slightly involved with the Japanese community and has limited contact with several authors from that community (NGI, mass, NS, etc) as those particular authors are also mainly involved with obscure sources.

She considers herself to be far more proficient with ideas and brainstorming than actual coding, and usually seeks assistance to finish up the job. This usually includes AI coding and fine-tuning how some moves function. This also leads to a lot of projects of hers going unfinished.

Characters converted by MelvanaInChains


  • As of aformentioned coding abilities, in Mugen communities she tended to be overshadowed by The_None, who programmed two of her characters. A interview with Salty Himself managed to invert this however, having namedropped Melvana in an actual interview.[1]


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