Magigeesesmall Magic Geese
A Magic Geese welcomes you to it's nightmare
Type Edit
Author Name The_None
Origin various April Fools ideas made into one
Graphics Origin Capcom vs. SNK
AI? yes
Date of first public release April 1st, 2015
Mugen Version Separate winMUGEN, 1.0 and 1.1 versions

Magic Geese is a character by The_None which is an amalgamation of few April Fools character concepts the author had for the year it was released (2015) as he was not able to pick and stick with a single idea. The most prominent idea used in this character is a loose stage magic-themed adaptation of Geese Howard with Capcom vs. SNK sprites, with the voice of Jason Griffith as Shadow The Hedgehog (Shadow also being one of the characters the author have considered for april fools).


Geese Howard once attempted to retire his criminal ways in favor of making career as a stage magician, and after his prowess of throwing reppukens he adapted into his magic ways pretty fast. But along the way something have happened. Geese started sounding different and became so edgy Geese have never been before, to the point that some people are suspicious on whenever this guy doesn't happen to be some kind of impostor after all....


This Geese deviates quite a bit from his original counterpart. His partly stage magic-themed movelist gives his fighting style an offensive-focus slant, especially with the variety of teleportation moves at his disposal.


Special Moves

A Fire Of Unknown Origin
Command QCFPlusP
Properties Projectile, Unreversable, Invulnerability (Crawling followup), Overhead (Meteora followup), Super-Cancelable
Description Magic Geese creates an explosion in front of him as one of his magic tricks. The button strength determines the tradeoff between the damage of the explosion and the distance spawned in front of him, with PX being the most damaging. It can be followed up with either one of the moves below:
  • P - Meteora - Geese picks up the explosion sprite and tosses it into a position determined by the button strength. The projectile hits only as soon as it touches the ground.
  • K - Crawling - in which Geese dashes past his own explosion and engulf himself in fire to the point of becoming Krizalid until unleashing a fire blast. The button strength determines the distance of the dash. Geese is invulnerable for as long as he's on fire.
Points of Authority
Command FDDFPlusP / (mir-air) QCFPlusP
Properties Overhead, Super-cancelable
Description Magic Geese puffs himself in smoke to come down from the air doing a descending flurry of rapid palm hits. How high he appears (and therefore to what position he'd descend) is related to the button strength used.
Nobody's Listening
Command HCBPlusK
Properties Counter
Description A counter attack, Geese attempts to trick his opponent into going into some alluring locale. The button strength determines what attacks, the move would counter, with the PZ version countering air attacks.
One Step Closer
Command FDDFPlusK
Properties Knockdown, Wallbounce, Super-cancelable
Description Magic Geese puffs himself in smoke to reappear with a powerful kick. The button strength determines from what position he'd teleport in for a kick.
From The Inside
Command 360PlusP
Properties Throw
Description A command throw that would subject Magic Geese's victim into one of his own magic performances.

Super Moves

The Light Show
Command QCFPlusPXPlusPY
Prerequisites One power stock
Properties Projectile, Knockdown
Description Magic Geese casts what is essentially an extended version of Iron Man's repulsive blast.
Hit The Floor
Command mid-air, QCBPlusPXPlusPY
Prerequisites One power stock
Properties Projectile, Overhead, Knockdown
Description Magic Geese brings out a rocket launcher to shoot at an downwards angle. The rocket would explod after hitting the edge of the screen and the explosion itself can still hit the opponent even if the rocket itself wouldn't directly hit. The move can also hit before the rocket would even come out as Geese would smack the opponent with the launcher itself.
Breaking The Habit
Prerequisites One power stock
Properties Knockdown
Description A variation of Geese's Deadly Rave technique that has two finishing moves:
  • Fin...ish - KC - a two-piece finisher that has Geese uppercut the opponent so hard he/she hits the ceiling, with another hit of blowing the opponent across the arena with the press of another KC button.
  • TIME TRAVEL FINISH - PZ - which has Geese smack the opponent so hard the latter would travel back to 1991, piting him/her against Geese in his old Fatal Fury 1 self.
Cure For The Itch
Command QCBPlusPXPlusPY
Prerequisites Two power stocks
Properties Counter
Description A counter move in which Geese morphs into Angel and teases the opponent. If the opponent hits angel, Bonnie from Five Nights at Freddy's will jumpscare the player.
Minutes To Midnight
Prerequisites Three power stocks
Properties Throw, Unblockable (second hit)
Description A variation on the ever ubiquitous Raging Demon technique that first begins with a far distance knee attack and then actually grab as soon as Geese would land. On second hit he'd make a display of pyrotechnics that would make Michael Bay proud.

1991 Special Moves

Command QCFPlusP
Properties Projectile, Knockdown
Description A ground wave projectile that is about as fast and powerful as it was in the original Fatal Fury.
Atemi Nage
Command HCBPlusK
Properties Counter, Knockdown
Description Geese stands in place for a while, ready to counter a non-projectile attack of all levels
Shift Attack
Command FDDFPlusK
Properties Overhead, Invulnerability
Description Geese jumps and body splashes back and forth between the planes. The button strength determines the horiztonal distance of the jumps.


  • All of Geese's normal mode moves (Sans A Fire of Unknown Origin and The Light Show) are named after Linkin Park songs, possibly to parody the edgy nature of himself.
    • The former is also named after a Blue Oyster Cult song and album.

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