Mb02small MB-02
MB-02's character select portrait
MB-02's in-game stance
Author Name O Illusionista and Ethan Lives (also formerly SodonHID)
Graphics Origin Street Fighter Alpha
AI? Yes
Date of first public release 2001
Version 2009
Mugen Version Winmugen

Perfect Weapon MB-02 (also known as 'Sagat MB-02') is a cyborg-themed edit of Sagat from the Street Fighter series. He was first conceived by O Illusionista and SodonHID in 2001, and was further updated by Illusionista and Ethan Lives as a part of the Street Fighter Special Operations project in 2004.


He has extremely modified variants of Sagat's moves as well as many other moves (he and other SF Spec Ops characters were infamous within the english-speaking Mugen communities for excessive number of special and super moves). For example, he can shoot tracker missiles out of his chest, leech the opponent's life, and super jump. Few of his special moves are limited by his overheating mechanic, not like it weakens him much.

One unique feature he has is that if he faces off against the character Sonic Machine (also created by author Ethan Lives and also part of the SF Spec Ops project), MB-02's fireball is replaced with Sonic Booms.


  • Part of the SaltyBet Shaker Classic 6 tournament, which he won.