Luckysmall Lucky Glauber
Author Name Sander 71113
Origin King of Fighters
AI? Yes, three AI presets (no-AI counted)
Date of first public release June 1st, 2001
Version X Version, September 26th 2008
Mugen Version winMUGEN

Lucky Glauber is a karateka and basketall player who appears as a playable character in the King of Fighters series of fighting games. His KOF 98 incarnation has been converted - with a few customizations - by Sander 71113 in 2001, with further updates in 2005 and 2008.


Lucky was asked by his buddy Heavy D! to form a team with him and Brian Battler to participate in the King of Fighters tournament: the American Sports Team. Aside from his desire to help bolster his friend's confidence, Lucky joins the tournament to test his fighting ability.


He's a pretty projectile-oriented character, and since his last 2008 update he can cancel his fingeroll into and go from there into slam to further annoy his opponent with lots of b-balls. Being a KOF 98 character he carries over a number of systems, including sidesteps, power charge and MAX mode that boosts his attack power and defense and also enhances his Desperation Moves.


All of the description is based on Sander71113's conversion.

  • FingerrollQCFP
A Basketball drops from the sky into Lucky's fingers to throw at his opponent at an angle. Cancelable into Hoops.
  • HoopsDDP or DDK
Lucky does a jump shot at a position determined by a button pressed in this command. Cancelable into Slam.
  • SlamQCBP
Lucky does a Slam shot at the opponent, with the angle determined of the strength of the button pressed.
  • Fast BreakQCFK
Lucky goes past the opponent with a dash. It does not have invincibility frames however. The strength pressed determines the amount of distance traveled.
  • Banana SplitQCBK
Lucky does a spinning kick.

Desperation Moves (all require 1 power stock)

  • Death BoundQCFQCFP
Lucky creates a pillar of energy in front of him. SDM version creates multiple pillars.
  • Spinning Bird KickQCFQCFK
Lucky dashes and does exactly what the name implies. It has invincibility frames on startup until he's actually about to deliver a kick. SDM version goes much faster and does much hits, ending with Lucky dropping a ball on his opponent.
  • Shoot OutQCBQCBP
A custom super move of Sander's invention, Lucky drops few balls from the sky on his opponent that dizzy him. A word of caution:These balls can hit him too.


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