Kokeszsmall Kokesz
Kokesz's portrait, taken from the source game's retail cover.
Type Joke
Author Name Adamlexus
Origin Prawo Krwi
AI? yes
Date of first public release April 1st, 2013
Version "0,81"
Mugen Version separate def files for winMUGEN and 1.0

Kokesz - as he's internally named in the files from the source game's PC port - refers to an undercover cop who is the protagonist of Prawo Krwi (translated from Polish as Law of The Blood), a Polish Amiga beat-em'up published by Techland (a software company now known for Call of Juarez and Dead Island franchises). He's been - accurately in places loosely in others - made into a Mugen character by Adamlexus for 2013's April Fools.


Kokesz is a fast-paced rushdown oriented character featuring simple controls, with special moves being included by pressing punch and kick buttons at the same time (or PZ/KC buttons which act as a shortcut), and PX/KA and PY/KB buttons acting the same except that the former group don't trigger the super combo system. Said super combos involve canceling basic moves into other basic moves at the cost of a bit of a power - gained only by blocking, getting hit and scoring counter hits, indicated by the blood coming out of the opponent - and are finished with an explosive kick by pressing a button after power gets completely depleted during a super-combo, producing huge unscaled damage. The damage potential coupled with the complete lack of cornerpush (not present in the source game either) makes him a rushdown beast against at least medium sized characters. However, his lack of throws and having only a two attacks that hit low hitbox-wise give him a very poor match-up against small characters.


  • Cheap Kick - PPlusK
An overhead axe kick that takes a while to hit but recovery time is so low he can link with few other moves.
  • Jazz, track 04 -DPPlusK
A rising double kick that knocks the opponent up. While fast and a reliable way to combo from basic attacks without a power meter, it's lack of invulnerability frames and going lower than the usual anti-airs makes it not as effective for an anti-air attack.
Kokesz advances and does a quick series of side kicks. The move is lifted straight up - voice sample included - from Melvana's Evil Angus's Meet Sparq move.
Kokesz pulls out his Pulse Gun from Aliens - a nod to Player's gun using the sample of the iconic sound in the source game's First Person Shooter levels - and is able to aim with the movement keys and shoot a single shot or a burst, depending on the power. Shooting at the area around the opponent's designated size.head.pos parameter produces a "headshot" that deals double damage. Pressing start prematurely cancels out this move.


  • The_None was also supposed to release two other characters for April Fools of 2013. Only Kokesz was able to be finished in time, however.
  • The character's small portrait is actually of his informant, seen in the source game's briefings between levels that are referenced in this conversion as a victory quote.