Aliases WaruiGouki,WarioAkuma

Years active 2005-
Status Active
Origin United States
Influences Di Gi Jared, Pneophen

Jango - also known as either WaruiGouki or WarioAkuma - is a Mugen creator whose creative style tends to be very uneven due to his varying levels of interest in certain fields. Prior to his work in creating characters, most of his contributions to MUGEN were in the form of stages from a multitude of Nintendo games, with an emphasis on platformers and other non-fighting gamees.

He was initially introduced to MUGEN creation by veteran creator, DGJ, who guided him through making Bonkers and Burnin' Leo in his style. Many of Jango's older works are very rough and are unviable in a MUGEN environment, but his newer characters seem to be more playable.

He is very quick to point out that his username is not based on the character Jango Fett from Star Wars, but rather Jango from the popular anime/manga franchise, One Piece. Additionally he goes to great pains to emphasize that his username is pronounced "Jah-N-Go."

Characters by JangoEdit

Publicly Discontinued CharactersEdit

  • King Dedede
  • Rouga Zanma
  • Sailor Mars
  • Kohaku

See alsoEdit

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