Hashismall Hashi
Author Name Andres Borghi
Origin The Black Heart
AI? yes
Date of first public release 2006
Version 4.0 (20/11/2013)
Mugen Version WinMUGEN (general Mugen version)

Hashi is an original character conceived, sprited and coded by Andres Borghi, first released in 2006 and later became a part of The Black Heart fullgame in 2009 with some updates that were brought up to the general Mugen version year later.


Hashi a member of the precursor race of wood men workers responsible for the shape of the Earth, most of which now reside in a secret magical forest hidden somewhere in south Argentina. Hashi was banished from the forest for his attitude toward humans, thinking that humans are a menace to the Earth and not the true inheritors of it, as his people believe. After the forest started turning red as a result of the heart of the other world's ruler being stolen, he was called back from his banishment by the leader of his race to travel to the chaos between worlds and end the menace, being the only member of his otherwise pacifistic race to have any combat skills he gathered through his banishment.


Natural Fan
Command QCFPlusP
Properties Knockup. First hit of the PY version super-cancelable.
Description Hashi does an upwards swipe (or two of these on PY version) that knocks the opponent up as his arms get a conifer-like shape. The first hit of the version is super cancelable.
Command QCBPlusP
Properties Projectile. Knockdown.
Description Hashi tosses a seed (with the button in the command determining the distance of the toss) that on ground grows into a spiky plant.
Command QCFPlusK
Properties Projectile.
Description A fruit grows on Hashi's back foot, prompting him to throw it. The button determines the angle of the projectile.

Super Moves

Harvest of Pain
Command QCFPlus(PPlusP) or PZ
Prerequisites At least 1 power stock.
Properties Knockdown.
Description Hashi joins his arms into one large log and does three upwards swipes.
Super Seeding
Command QCBPlus(PPlusP) or PZ
Prerequisites At least 1 power stock.
Properties Projectiles. Knockdown on the plant.
Description Hashi throws a seed that on ground grows into a plant that soon explodes into a bunch of smaller projectiles that drop down from the sky around the screen.
Super Frutti-toss
Command QCFPlus(KPlusK) or KC
Prerequisites At least 1 power stock.
Properties Projectile. Knockdown.
Description A large watermelon grows on Hashi's back foot, prompting him to throw it off.
FATAL: Ancient Death
Command QCBPlus(KPlusK) or KC
Prerequisites 3 Power stocks and opponent's lifebar at 1/3 or less.
Properties Fatality. Dash.
Description Hashi does an evil laugh and lunges forward. If the move connects, Hashi would then plant a seed on his opponent and later grow into a large version of himself that chews his opponent's head off.

Killer Mode

Earth Blessing
Command PXPlusKA or PYPlusKB
Prerequisites At least 2 power stocks.
Notes Drains power bar over time. Input command again to exit Killer Mode.
Description Hashi becomes one with nature aquiring a translucent green color.  Flowers (and sometimes spiky plant seeds) grow under his feet whereever he goes at the cost of the ability to perform special moves. If he deals enough damage while in this mode, a tiny fruit will pop out from the opponent and drop somewhere in the stage. Hashi can collect this fruit to recover some of his health. Only one healing fruit can be out at a time.
The Black Heart by Andres Borghi
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