H-DuoLon's in-game sprite
Author Name DLS
Edit base Duo Lon (King of Fighters XII)
Graphics Origin King of Fighters XII
AI? Yes
Date of first public release 2011
Version 0.51 (11-10-2012)
  H-DuoLon  (also known as 'Hell DuoLon') is an edit created by DLS, based off the character Duo Lon from the King of Fighters series. His initial sprite is specifially from the game King of Fighters XII.


H-DuoLon has many of the same moves that the original has, however he also has access to different types of demonic-looking setups, with some visuals lifted off from Guilty Gear characters. His AI typically fights in a rushdown fashion, but can also zone.

H-DuoLon also suffers from a bug where, after being thrown by certain opponents, his sprite will fly off through the ceiling and won't come back down. This has happened during several battles he's appeared in during SaltyBet.  It's unknown whether this bug ever got fixed (although DLS has updated H-DuoLon since), or if Salty just has an older version of him.


  • Was in the Shaker Classic 6 tournament held by SaltyBet, where he got to the Grand Finals. He lost to MB-02.
  • In the 20+ matches he's fought on SaltyBet, his only known loss so far is against Nail.