Gustoffmug Gustoff
Author Name AnkokuNaitou
Origin Battle Blaze (arranged)
AI? no
Date of first public release 2013
Version first version
Mugen Version winmugen (works with all)

Gustoff is a playable character converted from the Sammy SNES fighting game Battle Blaze.


(from the manual)

A Half-Orc who rules a peaceful farmland, Gustoff is one of the strongest competitors to enter the tournament. His use of the mace is as hypnotizing as it is dangerous.


Gustoff consists of four buttons, as opposed to the original game's two. X and Y are used for attacking, A is used for a throw and B is used for a parry (not unlike Akatsuki Blitzkampf's system). He has a taunt that can give himself a small portion of superpower, similar to Power Instinct Matrimelee.


  • Iron EagleQCFP / QCFPXPlusPY (EX variant)
Gustoff extends his mace for a long-range attack.
  • Borukenikku ShotFDDFP / FDDFPXPlusPY (EX variant)
Gustoff swipes upward with his mace. Might be useful as an anti-air.


  • Borukenikku EagleQCBQCBPXPlusPY, 1 super stock needed
Gustoff extends his mace, and upon contact he pulls the victim in and strikes them with Borukenikku Shot. Strangely, even when he misses, he still goes through with the move as if he caught them.


  • This is the first AnkokuNaitou Battle Blaze character to have EX special moves.