Guerillasmall Guerrilla
The character's portrait, being a pixel-styled variant of Alberto Korda's image of Che Guevara
Unscaled stance animation
Type Original
Author Name Masukenpu-kun
Origin Original
AI? yes
Date of first public release December 7th, 2013
Mugen Version winMugen

Guerrilla is an 8-bit styled character conceived by Masukenpu-kun that represents - as the name and the portrait suggests - a Cuban Guerrilla Fighter.


Guerrilla's basic attacks may deal quite the damage, but it's offset by the poor range of his attacks, heavy damage scaling and extremely limited combo potential (only one of his non-hyper special attacks is an direct attack). Part of the character's strength relies on the use of three of his special attacks, all of which have a kind of synergy with each other, as explained in the movelist section later.


Being a japanese character with no english readme, the names are taken from the character's command labels assigned to the moves.

Command QCFPX
Prerequisites Only up to three plants can exist onscreen
Description The Guerrilla plants a young plant that stays on the playing field for a duration or until it would get hit by the opponent. Through it's duration it blocks the opponent's ground movements.

The plant can be evolved by pouring the rain on it (see the description for ame)

Command QCFPY
Prerequisites Only one raincloud can exist onscreen
Properties Slows down opponent's horizontal speed, eloves assist helpers in range.
Notes Evolving plants do not cause them to reset their timer.
Description The Guerrilla casts a cloud of rain that slows the opponent's horizontal ground movement. It also causes any young plant it pours on to mature. The mature plants would then either bash the opponent if in range or do a spit attack when prompted by The Guerrilla's singing (see:uta)
Command QCFPZ
Properties Knockdown, Projectile (if any mature plants are onscreen)
Description The Guerrilla sings like if his knife is a microphone causing a shock blast that knocks down his target. It also prompts the existing matured plants to do a projectile spit.

Super Moves

Command QCFPPlusP
Prerequisites One power stock
Properties Knockdown
Description The Guerrilla makes a stab at the opponent that would go into a series of slashes shall the first hit connect.
Command QCBPPlusP
Prerequisites One power stock
Properties Knockdown, Projectile, Unblockable
Description The Guerrilla takes a dive forward and fires his sniper rifle from a prone position. The projectile, while so powerful to the point of being unblockable, can be jumped over and the move itself is easily telegraphed.