"I wouldn't be the first blatantly stereotypical character this fat Melvana fuck made."
—One of Ghetto Warmachine's winquotes
Gwmmug Ghetto Warmachine
Type Edit
Author Name MelvanaInChains and The_None
Edit base War Machine by One Winged Angel
Origin veery loosely based on Marvel Vs Capcom
AI? Yes
Date of first public release April 2nd, 2012
Mugen Version separate versions for winMUGEN and 1.0

Ghetto Warmachine is a custom character based on a concept by MDISinister and realized by MelvanaInChains and his buddy The_None. He's an unconventional edit of One Winged Angel's War Machine, made into a blaxploitation parody mostly voiced by MDI's once personal friend Regginald Dyson.


2005gamefest (4) cropped

Reggie Dyson (pictured) provided the voice samples and likeness for this character.

A man of unknown identity hiding behind a false armor of 'hood cred'. He lived in a ghetto neighborhood throughout the majority of his life, and it was gradually having a devestating effect on him. As he tried to go on to make something of himself, the constant aura around him insisted on sapping every last bit of life from him until he became a rambling husk of a man who yells about money and all that shit a lot. And eventually, all of this came into motion, and he donned an armor of bling and cashmoniez to protect his physical self from everyone around him; as mentally, he had already passed on.

With a mere shred of his humanity, he struggles to find someone or some way to save himself from the hell that has been imposed on him ever since he saw the 'light' of life.

(Taken from the readme)


Due to the fact that he's donned himself in a decked-out piece of armor, his jumping is jetpack-based, meaning the player must hold up to rise into the air with a limited fuel supply. Although this limits his aerial time and removes his superjumping capabilites, GWM has some impressive air mobility, enough to put his edit base to shame. He is able to propel himself forwards or backwards midflight similar to how War Machine could back in Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 (Oddly, his edit base cannot do so). Unique to GWM however, is that these movements have him plunge to the ground, damaging any opponent in the way. This makes GWM's air maneuvers useful for not just emergency getaways, but also direct offense. Another piece worth noting is that GWM gets up far faster from knockdowns than most characters, so he hardly ever has to worry about OTG moves.

GWM's moveset along with his aerial mobility gives him superb zoning power. A prime example movelist-wise would be his "Poppin Caps" special that pushes any opponent hit by it all the way to the other side of the screen, granting him plenty of space and reaction time. GWM's projectiles aren't too shabby as well, one of which can boost his power stocks slightly and is very effective as an anti-air.

Of course, the Ghetto Gangster isn't without weaknesses: Some of his attacks suffer from unfortunate lagtime on startup, has only subpar agility on land, and ironically does not take punishment from projectiles too well. This puts him at a distinct disadvantage against other zoners with a better keep-away game, and they'll prove to be a significant challenge for him if he's unable to close the distance fast enough.


Special Moves

Poppin Caps
Command BFPlusP
Description GWM pulls out a submachine gun and pops some caps. Although this attack's range is limited, the shots will push opponents away from GWM, giving him some elbow room.
Kemuri no Bakudan
Command QCFPlusP
Properties Projectile, OTG, Hard Knockdown, Friendly Fire (if projectile is hit)
Description GWM shoots out a small smoke bomb that explodes upon making contact with the ground, launching any opponent caught in the blast. The projectile can be deflected by the opponent, and its resulting explosion can harm GWM.
Dollar Pack Shot
Command QCBPlusP
Properties Projectile, Boost
Description GWM launches a wad of cash that bursts on contact and leaves behind a few banknotes. GWM can grab the fallen dough to receive a slight boost to his power bar. Although the opponent is also able to grab the cash, only GWM will gain the boost.

PX launches the wad up to the skies, whilst PY has the projectile rebound from the top of the screen.

Repulsive Blast
Command FDDFPlusK
Properties Hard Knockdown, OTG
Description GWM punches down on the ground, creating a blast which has both a repulsive range and lag time on startup.

Super Moves

Funky Fly Mode
Command QCFPlusKK
Prerequisites At least one power stock
Properties Hard Knockdown
Notes Can also be done mid-air
Description GWM goes into fly mode and lunges into his opponent with a swift kick that has him warp around the screen once.
Command QCBPlusPP
Prerequisites At least one power stock
Properties Hard Knockdown, High-Blockable (Big Flail)
Description Using his suit, GWM generates multiple flails and starts whirling them like a wheel from his arm before eventually hurling a bigger flail at his opponent.
Smartie Bomb
Command QCBPlusKK
Prerequisites At least one power stock
Properties Hard Knockdown, OTG, Trap
Description GWM sets a modified bomb onto the ground that automatically detonates should an opponent attack or come too close to it, blasting them into the skies. The bomb also auto-detonates after a few seconds pass by.
Trivia MelvanaInChains provided the voice of the bomb's auto-detonation sequence.

The bomb is an edited Chuukadan Bomb used as one of Hsien-Ko's moves in Darkstalkers 3.

Punchy Cannon
Command QCFPlusPP
Prerequisites At least two power stocks
Properties Hard Knockdown, Projectile
Description GWM gets out the Proton Cannon. But instead of an energy beam it shoots out clones of Ahmed Johnson (a former WWE professional wrestler) that deal multiple dash punches.

Final Gamble

Sento Shuro
Command QCFQCFPlusPP
Prerequisites At least three power stocks (maximum amount)
Properties Striker, Randomized, Hard Knockdown (striker explosion), OTG (striker explosion), Deals No Damage (striker explosion)
Description GWM gambles away his power stocks to call in 3 random strikers to attack the opponent. Once the strikers conclude their attack, they warp out in an explosion. Their attack will get canceled if the opponent hits them, however. The strikers and their attacks are as follows:
  • Baby Bonnie Hood - Bonnie fires her Uzi for a bit, and then decapitates herself before leaving.
  • Kenbo - He performs an akward dash attack (considering that he's from Universe Hero, this is unsurprising).
  • Southside Jim - Jim just stands there until a truck (with another Jim inexplicably inside it) falls from above and bounces right off him.
  • Johnny Cage - Cage does his Shadow Kick, and then wonders when he'll face some real competition.
  • Rhina - The half-rhino charges hornfirst into the opponent.
  • Ahmed Johnson - He just does his dash punch.
  • Fangore (aka Ki-Ba) - He pulls a chaingun out of his chest and fires a few shots.


  • Both this character and Alter Amiba are fan favorites among SaltyBet viewers and Salty himself. At one point they had a match against each other, archived here.