Mmfrankosmall Franko
Type Original
Author Name Most_Mysterious
Origin Franko: The Crazy Revenge
Graphics Origin Original
AI? yes
Date of first public release December 23rd, 2004
Version 0.7a
Mugen Version DOSMugen

Franko refers to the protagonist of the cult Polish Amiga beat-em-up Franko: The Crazy Revenge, made into a custom drawn character by Most_Mysterious. He is one of the author's more polished characters within the early Most_Mysterious era despite some of the character's design flaws and graphical deficiencies (that to be fair sort of make sense given the graphical quality of the source game the character comes from).


According to the source material, Franko and his long-time friend Alex were growing up in Poland during the transition from the Communist system to a new direction. One day they walked into a bad neighbourhood and were assaulted by a gang led by Klocek (a drug dealer with a rather unflattering name for those knowledgable of the polish language). Franko tried fending off the thugs but they got overwhelmed and Alex ended up getting killed. Franko was working out for few years and went on for a rampage of crazy revenge (as his game's subtitle implies) that involved beating up punks, karatekas, officers of former state police, flashers, computer pirates and eventually Klocek himself.

Curiously, the game has a continuity error in the form of being able to select and play as Alex who as supposed to be dead in the backstory, and in one of the ending screens both Franko and Alex were present.


The character has a hodgepodge of a system that grafts the SNK-esque setup (4-button, dodges etc.) with mechanics from other games, sometimes implemented in strange ways. He has a Burst mechanic but can only do it while on ground and it always give away power on hit like it's a Gold Burst (and whom the move gives power to can also wary, like it would give power to Franko like it's supposed to but sometimes it can also give power to his opponent as well due to a buggy way it was implemented).


Command QCFPlusP
Properties Projectile
Description A can of beer falls from the sky and Franko punches it to the enemy. Holding the button down would cause Franko to grab the beer instead of punching and drink it, providing health bonus for as long as the button is held until the can would run out.
Laser Uppercut
Command FDDFPlusP
Properties Knockdown
Description Franko punches up and shoots out a laser for some reason. Given some of the Yamazaki influences during the development of the character, this may have been slightly based on the follow-up to Yamazaki drill-like punch.
True face of alcohol
Command QCBPlusP
Properties Knockdown, hits low (PX version), unblockable (PY version)
Description Franko takes a sap of a beer and depending on the version it either spits out the beer - leaving a puddle for the opponent to slip in, or burps outright, hitting the opponent full-screen.
Hard Skull
Command Charge BFPlusP
Properties Throw
Description Franko hops forward while reaching for the opponent's head. On grab he proceeds to bash the opponent with an explosive headbutt.
Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku
Command QCBPlusK
Properties Knockdown
Description A hurricane kick that is rather strange to use due to the sloppy hit velocities. The KA version has Franko jump straight up while the KB version has Franko move forward.
Command FDDFPlusK
Properties Overhead (the kick), projectile, knockdown
Description Franko does an overhead kick - likely influenced by Yamazaki's Yakiire - that on miss spawns a Rake in front of the opponent. Button strength decides the lag time, strength and the number of rakes spawned.
Command HCFPlusK
Description Franko pulls a belt out of his pants and waves it around like a whip for as long as the button is mashed.

Super Moves

Most of the supers aside of the last two have at least 3 super versions performed by an aproporiate button strength in the command.

Andrew Lepper SuperStar
Command QCFPlusQCFP
Prerequisites at least one power stock
Properties Projectiles, Knockdown, unblockable (lv.3 version)
Notes Due to the way the damage dampending is coded, this move can be more damaging if many of the projectiles hit at once.
Description Inspired by Crazy Joe, Franko turns around and farts a flaming stream of Andrzej Lepper heads. Lv.2 version bursts a bigger stream of the heads, while the Lv.3 version farts out a single speeding television set that is unblockable, akin to Omega Tiger Woods's infamous Shrimp Bus
Finger Attack
Command QCBQCBPlusP
Prerequisites at least one power stock
Properties Knockdown, air unblockable, overhead (lv.3 version)
Description Franko flips the bird. Stronger versions result in larger hand, larger damage and the lv.3 being an overhead for some strange reason.
Wild Head
Command Charge BFBFPlusP
Prerequisites at least one power stock
Properties Throw
Description A powered version of Hard Skull, Franko jumps forward and grabs the opponent by head to headbutt him/her few times, finished by two uppercuts. Lv.3 version has Franko do a Rugal-esque God Press on grab instead.
Protton Cannon
Command Charge BFBFPlusK
Prerequisites at least three power stocks
Properties Projectile, Knockdown
Description The ever ubiquitous beam weapon.
Fiat 126p
Command DDDPlusPZ
Prerequisites less than 40% of health, can be only done once in a match
Properties Projectile, unblockable, friendly-fire
Description Franko super-jumps real high to evade a speeding Fiat 126 car coming from behind him, running over the opponent in an unblockable attack that can be nonetheless evaded by jumping high enough. The move can hurt Franko as well provided the opponent hits him before he'd be able to reach high enough from the car.


  • Curiously the author of this conversion is born in the same city the source material takes place in (and where the developers of his game were based in as well).
  • The character had a rather unique sprite in that his diag-up animation consists of him turning into a Coke Can of all things. Said sprite was a 24-bit graphic (compared to a 256-color one) and could only be displayed correctly in DOSMugen (in WinMUGEN Franko basically turned invisible during this animation, altho' it's possible to recover the sprite by converting it into a 256-color sprite in his files)

See Also

  • Kokesz, the protagonist from the other notable Polish Amiga beat'em up Prawo Krwi (published by Techland, now of Call of Juarez and Dying Light fame) also converted by the same author - in his Adamlexus identity - into an April Fools character. Franko's sprite from the Amiga game makes a cameo in one of his introposes.