Firequackersmall Firequacker
Portrait drawn by Diepod, pixelated by Balthazar
Type Boss
Author Name Balthazar (sprites), Koopakoot (coding)
Origin Ducktales II
Graphics Origin Original (sprites by Balthazar)
AI? yes (by Infinite Crisis)
Date of first public release March 14th, 2014
Mugen Version winMUGEN

Firequacker is one of the 5 bosses from the NES game Ducktales II, recreated for Mugen with original sprites provided by Balthazar and programmed by KoopaKoot.


In the same trend as previously created Quickman, FireQuacker is based off his boss-appearence from the game he is featured in. For FireQuacker this means infinite hovering, a dash attack and throwing balls of fire at the enemy. This moveset has been expanded upon with various types of fire-based attacks.


Shoulder Charge
Command UF/F/DFPlusPZ
Properties Knockdown, juggleable
Description A dash attack Firequacker can do in three directions.
Command FPlusPY
Properties Overhead
Description An overhead attack with slightly more range then his basic punches, mostly used on opponents lower than his position.
Straight Fireball
Command QCFPlusPX
Properties Projectile
Description A straightforward projectile attack.
Bouncing Fireball
Command QCFPlusPY
Properties Projectile
Description A bouncing variant of the above projectile.
Cursed Skull
Command QCFPlusPZ
Properties Projectile,Curse effect
Description A projectile that on hit temporary turns the opponent into a duckling.

Super Moves

Fire Shield
Command QCFPlusPPlusP
Prerequisites One Power Stock
Properties Projectiles
Description FireQuacker summons a row of fireballs that protects him, dissolving over time. Setting this move up also allows the character to perform other lv.1 super moves.
Super Fireball
Command QCFPlusPPlusP
Prerequisites One Power Stock, Fire Shield being active
Properties Projectile
Description FireQuacker merges his smaller fireballs into one and launches a very fast-traveling fireball bomb.
Fireball Stream
Command QCBPlusPPlusP
Prerequisites One Power Stock, Fire Shield being active
Properties Projectiles
Description All the fireballs from the Shield are thrown forward in a continous stream.
Fire Pillar
Command BDDBPlusPPlusP
Prerequisites One Power Stock, Fire Shield being active
Properties Projectiles
Description The fireballs are merged into a single sphere and cast towards the ground, where it erupts into a flamey pillar.
Super Nova
Command FDDFPlusPPlusP
Prerequisites Three Power Stocks
Properties Knockdown
Description FireQuacker completely engulfs himself in fire and dashes forward, destroying everything in it's path.


  • The included Readme includes a SNK vs Capcom Card Fighters-styled card sprite of FireQuacker made by Archell.