Fighter Factory Classic
a screenshot of the classic incarnation of Fighter Factory's AIR viewer
Developer VirtualTek
Platform(s) Windows
Initial release 2005
Latest stable release, November 13th 2010

Fighter Factory is a series of Mugen character/stage development suities developed by VirtualTek, with the first version being released on 2005 and receiving an anniversary update five years later, with later generations of the program being subsequently developed, Fighter Factory 3 being the latest in development. The suites provide ability to view and edit graphics, sound, animation/collision data and coding files used for the engine. Taking DOSMugen-era MUGEN Editing Ensemble's place with the first release, it is currently the most widely used mugen creation suite, at least in the english/brazilian-speaking parts of the community.

Version History

Fighter Factory 3
a screenshot of Fighter Factory 3's AIR viewer
Developer VirtualTek
Platform(s) Windows,Linux
Latest development release RC7 Beta
Website MFG Thread
  • Fighter Factory - designed for developing content for WinMugen and later - was first released in 2005
  • An overhauled Fighter Factory Ultimate was first released in 2009
  • The original version of Fighter Factory - now rechristened as Fighter Factory Classic has been released with a number of bug fixes in 2010
  • A new version of Fighter Factory, named Fighter Factory 3 and designed to make use of Mugen 1.0's capabilities while also being backwards compatible with earlier mugen versions, has been in development since 2011.