Feliciaicon Felicia
Felicia's in-game sprite animation
Author Name Kong
Origin Pocket Fighter
AI? Yes
Date of first public release 2009
Version 2009
Mugen Version WinMugen
 Felicia is a character from the Capcom series Darkstalkers. This specific version of her, created by Kong, is based from her appearance in the game Pocket Fighter


Like many other of the converted Pocket Fighter characters, Felicia has a very difficult AI to deal with, as well as parries and invincible supers. Her biggest handicap is that her damage output is low, though sometimes this can cause Time Outs to happen due to her heavily defensive playstyle. Her AI commonly spams supers whenever she gains the meter.

SaltyBet Reception/Shaker Classic Controversy

Felicia is possibly one of the least liked characters in the SaltyBet roster. As she tends to parry almost everything that hits her, she rarely takes damage, and because her offensive output is so low, she commonly causes Timerscams, leaving viewers frustrated with how long her matches go.

During her run in the Shaker Classic 7 tournament on September 5th, she 5-0'd nearly every character she fought in her bracket, with the exception of Kaede_hioh, who took one round off her. This led to a rather upset reception from viewers, and after the tournament finished Salty put her in a 2v1 exhibition match, pitting her off against Rare Akuma and Dark Donald. He even personally typed "FUCK FELICIA" in the chat as he started it, in a rare form of him voicing his displeasure in results. Amusingly, even though she lost the match, Felicia managed to last over 30 seconds in one round against them, parrying several of their attacks and avoiding them with her spinning super.

Pocket Felicia also appears on the SaltyBet Arena stage, possibly as a tribute to this.

SaltyBet - Shaker Classic 7 - The Finals

SaltyBet - Shaker Classic 7 - The Finals

Felicia's match in the Grand Finals of Shaker Classic 7.