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Info on where this appearance officially comes from can go here if it's a converted character. Fighter Factory can be used to make a .GIF out of a character's idle animation (and rip other graphics used for this infobox)
Type The type of a character should be noted here, like "Conversion" for example.
Author Name Whoever developed this Mugen content
Updated By If the content is later updated/completed by someone else, their name(s) go here
Also converted by If this is a fighting game character that has been converted multiple times, other authors can be mentioned in this section
Edit base If this character was built from another character that isn't Kung Fu Man, the base (along with it's author) goes here
Origin If whoever made this Mugen character didn't come up with the character itself, note their source(s) here
Gameplay Origin If this custom character's gameplay is modeled after a source, name it here
Graphics Origin If this is a custom character using sprites from another source (completely original sprites made for the character don't count, and this should be omitted if this is the case), mention it here
AI? If this character has any AI coding (default Elecbyte one doesn't count), it goes "Yes". If it doesn't come with an AI but has external AI patches, let's mention that too
Date of first public release A date of when the character was first publicly released
Version A name/number of the most up-to-date version of the character, along with the date of public release of said update
Mugen Version Whatever Mugen versions this character is designed for goes here

A character name is briefly described in this section. What the character is, who made it, where it comes from, when it was first released and last updated (if ever) and what base it is made from is briefly mentioned here.


If there are any tidbits involving the character's development worth mentioning, it goes here. Otherwise, this entire section can be omitted.


This can either originate from how things were in the character's original source, their Arcade intro (if they have one), or from the character's readme if a biography is there.


A general summary of the character's gameplay style goes here. Imagine yourself writing a gameFAQ/Strategy Guide to describe this character's play. Something like this:

"We're about to play a wonderful game called 'who is your daddy, and what does he do?'" T-8P is a very strong guy. He can dish out lots of damage from anywhere on the screen. Sadly, his moves are slow. His kind of pressure is relying on them making mistakes so you can punish them for their failures. You need to make sure you help your opponents chill with Cyber Iceball before you can really dish out some damage. He certainly plays an interesting game, relying on an odd zoning game with Cyber Iceball before he can really do much in terms of hurting the enemy. Luckily for him, he's got quite a few ways to get out of pressure. Play your cards right and never skimp on Cyber Iceball, and you'll see why T-8P is known as Conan Hercules, the Terminator.

or this:

Wolf's M.O. is to knock you down and keep you down as often as possible. He is able to cancel or link pokes into knockdown using his Cobra and Over the Top throws. He can thwart attempts to get out of pressure with his Cash special, which leaves you dizzied afterwards.
—The readme, Wolf by The_None

System notes should also go here.


If this is a converted character that potentially has multiple versions, state which version the overall description is based on. You can also list moves that exist exclusively in a certain conversion of the same character, just please denote when you do so.

You can put a GIF of the move here if you'd like, but a single frame or screenshot(s) of it is another option
Move Name
Command A move's command goes here. Something like this: QCFPlusP
Properties What the move does along with its effects are mentioned here.

(Ex: Projectile, Knockdown, OTG, etcetera...)

Notes Note any other important tidbits (is the move usable mid-air?) in this section.
Description A move's description goes here.

A sub-section for Supers, Desperation Moves or whatever this character calls powerful techniques that require usage of their power bar

Super Move Name
Command Mid-Air, QCFQCFPlusP (Put the term "Mid-Air" before the command of moves that can only be used in the air)
Prerequisites Usually a power stock is needed to perform super moves, note the required amount here (If it uses the maximum amount of said character's power stocks, note that too).

Some characters have additional prerequisites, such as low health for example. There can also exist prerequisites for special moves.

Properties Unblockable, Instant KO, Projectile
Description A description of a super move goes here.
Trivia Any interesting facts about the move worth mentioning should be placed in this section.

Other notable versions

  • Here you can list any however subtle (or not) differences various versions of the same character can have. Of course if there's only a single version of this character, this section should be omitted entirely.
  • Variations of a character that notably deviate from the source and "competition" in a lot of ways probably deserve having their own articles. Movelist icons are available within wikitext shortcuts, displayed by a "more +" button in the article editor.


  • Miscellaneous information such as accolades (character winning various awards from various forums), a move referencing something, or other interesting information on the character should go here.


References [1][2] to certain content (such as external links) should be placed in this area. Insert a reference list here first, and the system will keep track of the references you listed.

  1. Give the full name of the destination your link takes you to here. (Ex: SaltyPedia Wiki) This example will take you back to the main page.
  2. When linking a reference to a video-sharing site (such as YouTube), please give the exact title of the video, and the author of said video. (Ex: Mortal Kombat 2: Glitch Fatalities by rickcressen