Ekfmsmall Evil Kung Fu Man
Type Edit
Author Name The_None
Origin M.U.G.E.N
AI? yes
Date of first public release July 2004
Version Mark II 0.84, May 5th, 2009
Mugen Version winmugen

Evil Kung Fu Man is an evil cybernetic version of Kung Fu Man, depcited as a man-made drone for the Suave Dude. He's been first released by Most_Mysterious in 2004. The author now known as The_None would later give a major update to the character on May 5th of 2009, giving him a new voice and a modified spriteset with a Kano-esque facemask among a number of things.


To be written later


Command Moves

Overhead Slap
Command FPlusPX
Properties Overhead
Description Self-explanatory.
Kung Fu Chanisaw
Command FPlusKA
Description A multi-hit kick that moves him forward.

Special Moves

Some of the moves have EX variants that can be done with doing the command with two button strengths. The description of the moves petrains to EKFM as of the "Mark II" version.

Kung Fu Palm
Command QCFPlusP
Properties Knockdown (if used close enough), Wallbounce (EX version)
Description The normal versions work similarly to the original Kung Fu Man's, however the EX version travels twice as far and travels through his opponent.
Kung Fu Knee
Command FFPlusK
Properties Knockdown
Description A rising attack that is now a three part move, as EKFM can do a chop with P after peforming a kick follow-up.
Kung Fu Upperclaw
Command FDDFPlusP
Properties Knockdown
Description Aside of being easier to perform due to now having proper command priority, the move behaves similarly as how KFM does it.
Kung Fu Blow
Command QCBPlusP
Properties Super-Armor
Description A double sided attack that now grants upper body super armor for a peroid before unleashing the blow.
Power Stomp
Command DDPlusK
Properties hits low, knockdown (KB and EX versions)
Description Inspired by Kim Kapwhan's Haki Kyaku (ironic considering Kim's stance on justice) albeit without the lower body invincibility, this move has EKFM stomp on the ground, hitting low. The EX version has the move come out faster and provide a different hit velocity easier to juggle from, but does the same damage.
Kung Fu Gunfire
Command FBFPlusP
Description EKFM's arm transforms into an assault rifle and shoots for as long as the punch button is held. The shots have limited range unless Super Bullets are provided. (See the Supers section below)
Rocket Grab
Command HCFPlusP
Properties Grab, Stuns the Opponent
Description EKFM extends his arm to grab and stun the opponent.
Blood Heat
Command HCBPlusK
Properties Grab, Knockdown, Leechs life from the opponent
Description EKFM proceeds to run at his opponent to grab and drain health from the opponent into him. The move is very punishable if evaded.
Kung Fu Canonball
Command mir air, QCFPlusP/K
Properties Knockdown (hard and EX versions)
Description EKFM does a descending spinning body attack. The punch/kick decides the angle, with the light version hitting multiple times and the heavy version knocking down opponents on single hit and bouncing off on move contact. The EX versions have EKFM teleport from behind or above the opponent straight into the target.


Most of his super moves provide a bit of invincibility frames on startup.

Cheap Palms of Doom
Command QCFQCFPlusP
Prerequisites At least one power stock
Properties Knockdown
Description An Enhanced version of Tripple Kung Fu Palm that speeds through his opponent and can be followed up with a P for a Smash Kung Fu Upper style finish.
Kung Fu Wire
Command QCBQCBPlusP
Prerequisites At least one power stock
Properties Throw, Wallbounce
Description His actual Smash Kung Fu Upper is retooled into a throw that has EKFM toss his opponent into the wall of his side.
Super Bullets
Command QCBHCFPlusP
Prerequisites At least one power stock
Description This move provides 15 "Super Bullets" that grants the Kung Fu Gunfire move full screen range. The bullets can be either saved up for later use of Kung Fu Gunfire or canceled straight into the special move with holding down the punch button.
Napalm Vietnam
Command QCFBPlusK
Prerequisites At least two power stocks
Properties Unblockable, projectiles
Description EKFM tosses a fire stream in front of him that burns his opponent on contact. Doesn't do that much damage on it's own, but this is mitigated by EKFM being able to attack alongside the fire.
Kung Fu Facepalm
Prerequisites At least three power stocks
Properties Unblockable
Notes The move is not listed in the readme
Description EKFM proceeds to sandwich his opponent between his face and his palm.
Big Lipped Aligator Moment
Command HCBHCBPlusPZ
Prerequisites At least three power stocks, less than 50% of health
Properties Projectile
Notes The move's true command and prerequisites are not listed in the readme
Description EKFM tosses an image of Lil Wayne at his opponent. It's as bizzare as it sounds and even EKFM knows it.