Elquesmall Elque
Type Cheap Boss
Author Name Yuki
Origin Original
Graphics Origin Guilty Gear
AI? Yes
Date of first public release April 10th, 2001
Version 3.8, July 30th, 2002
Mugen Version DOSMugen

Elque is a particularly infamous character conceived by a japanese mugen author Yuki. Based off the sprites of Zato-1's shadow beast Eddie as it appeared in the original Guilty Gear, he is an extremely ferocious demon whose prefered modus operandi involves extremely fast claw swipes. The extreme speed to strength ratio (including rather high chip damage) coupled with regenerative abilities (that are further boosted by the time a moon shows up by the time Elque would reach low health) makes Elque one of the most overpowered MUGEN characters made in the early 2000s, altho a few people made edits of the character with aim to tone the character down.


To be described later


All of the information petrains to Yuki's original version of the character, the movelist may vary in case of the characters' edits. Also, due to the character's readme being japanese, the move names are either made up or taken from the character's command coding.

Anger Rush
Command BF
Properties Unblockable from close distance
Description A dash that hits opponents a few times. With the first hit being programmed to trigger at time = 0, the move seems unblockable for the opponent at close enough distance when (s)he wasn't already blocking.
Trivia The move has Elque roar with the distinctive sound of a Shambler detecting his prey in Quake
Angled Claw
Command QCBPlusPX or PY
Properties Knockdown
Description Elque does a slash that reaches around half of the screen, with the PX version slashing at upwards 45 angle while PY slashes straight, and the PXPlusPY slashes at an angle in the middle of the two previous versions. The move has staggeringly high blockstun, which coupled with the chip damage and AI's preference of the move makes it rather common for Elque to kill it's opponents by cornering them and using this attack over and over.
Zanku Claw
Command QCFPlusKA or KB
Properties Projectile
Description Elque does a fast projectile slash with no lag and very little recovery time. Can be used mid-air.
Command QCFPlusPX
Prerequisites at least 0.5 of power stock
Properties Knockdown
Description Elque does a sonic roar that knocks away it's opponents. This is actually a kind of a burst attack as the move can be done while Elque is in the shaking state of a ground gethit. The move does drain a bit of power and health, which doesn't change much with the character's regenerative abilities.

Super Moves

Evil Claw
Command QCBQCBPlusPX
Prerequisites at least 1 power stock
Properties Knockdown
Description Elque does three angled claws at all three angles at once.
Final Claw
Command QCFQCFPlusPY
Prerequisites at least 3 power stocks
Properties Knockdown
Description Elque does lots of angled claw attacks in quick succession.
Command QCFHCBPlusKAPlusKB
Prerequisites at least 5 power stocks
Properties Projectiles, Knockdown
Description Elque fills the screen with lightning. While the damage isn't consistent, it has a rather high probability of instantly killing his opponent.
Last Judgement
Command QCFHCBPlusPXPlusPY
Prerequisites at least 5 power stocks
Properties Knockdown
Description Elque would press it's opponent to the wall and perform a stronger version of Final Claw.
Oni No Tsume Zeroshiki
Command QCBHCFPlusPXPlusPY
Prerequisites at least 10 power stocks
Properties Knockdown
Description Elque's instant-kill dash attack.