Elecbyte is a reclusive team founded in what would possibly be mid-90s if not earlier whose sole known product consists of the M.U.G.E.N engine (and the template content that comes with it, like the Kung Fu Man character). The company's periods of activity are rather sparse considering the engine's history and they were known for dissapearing every now and then. They were first actively developing the engine until abruptly abandoning it in 2003 after the unfinished Windows version of the engine (privately distributed to a small group of donators. The donations were meant for a legal version of a Windows compiler for deployment of a Windows-based version of the engine) got leaked, then resurfacing in 2009 with a 1.0 version of the engine and since being active until around mid-2015. Aside of a single 2016 tweet of them supporting Aiduzzi's canceled[1] crowdfunding project[2], the current whereabouts of the company are unknown. Nobody knows how much of the group of the early years even remained back when they were developing the 1.0-1.1 versions.

References Edit

  1. - Mugen Fighters Guild forums, Rotten Core Crowdfunding Campaign thread
  2. - a post on Elecbyte's twitter

See Also Edit

  • TESTP, the past closely affilated group of testers and authors that used to develop Mugen content as the engine's features were developed in the early years


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