Dragontanksmall Dragon Tank
Portrait of the Chancelor, the machine's commisioner.
Full sprite of the machine
Type Boss
Author Name Balthazar (sprites), The_None (coding)
Origin Chrono Trigger
Graphics Origin original
AI? yes
Date of first public release June 28, 2015
Mugen Version winMUGEN and 1.0 versions included

Dragon Tank is an automated, steam-powered battle wagon that is encountered as a boss fight in Square's Chrono Trigger. An attempt to convert it into a mugen boss character started in 2012 with Balthazar doing the sprites and Jango initially in charge of programming. As the scope of the character was beyond Jango's abilities however, the project was put on hold until The_None picked it up and ultimately completed and released the character on June 28th, 2015.

Gameplay Edit

Being an automated vehicle, Dragon Tank has an unorthodox combat style that lets it execute a barrage of projectile-based attacks at once while also being able to independently move itself and it's head (with the neck being animated in real time). Most of it's attacks can be disabled by damaging a specific part of the machine (be it the wheels, head, missile launcher and laser cannon), which is crucial as - much like in the source game - the head also provides the machine with regenerative capabilities. It's opponents would have to figure out which parts have to be damaged first whilist avoiding attacks in order to succeed. After being defeated once, the Dragon Tank's attacks would get further enhanced for extra challenge.

The player controlled Dragon Tank sports unique controls, with the movement of the vehicle being handled with K buttons while the actual movement directions control the head.

Strategy Edit

Being a boss character, The Dragon tank can be a frightfuly difficult foe to face unprepared.

Characters with large hitboxes and very little mobillity will find themselves hard pressed to gain an advantage. Grapplers most of all will struggle as The Dragon Tank cannot be grabbed. Quick characters, ones with projectiles or some sort of mitigating damage from projectile moves tend to perform better against this boss.

It's missile launcher might not be its most powerful move, but it will be the most disruptive and hardest to avoid and will make it easier for the rest of it's attacks to hit you. Henceforth it is highly recommended to prioritize destroying this part before any other. Use quick jabs or any other safe and reliable way to deliver, medium attacks that allow you to guard quickly.

The second most dangerous part are it's wheels, while easier to avoid once the missile launcher is destroyed, The Dragon Tank's trample attack is very damaging and will knock you down, leaving you in a disadvanatgeous position. Once the wheels are destroyed and The Dragon Tank becomes a still target, the battle becomes much easier. Watch out for the head's grapple attack though.

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